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Jungle Berries by KILO Salt

Both sweet and tart berries are mixed together to make up a flavor profile that is called Jungle Berries Salt Nic by KILO. The unique take on mixed berries provides a mouth to lung experience that your taste buds are going to want to see for themselves.

The inhale of Jungle BerrIes Salt Nic engages with your taste palate from the second that you take a vape hit. Sweet berry flavor notions immediately swirl around the taste buds providing both a delicious and enjoyable experience. Upon exhaling, the sweetness quickly turns into a tartness, perfectly balancing out the flavor aspects at hand.

Jungle Berries Salt Nic has a subtle and lowkey throat hit just as most nicotine salts do. The makeup of nicotine salts are cleaner which results in a more enjoyable and satisfying exhale that eliminates any rough sensations.

Based in California, KILO has been one of the largest and most popular e juice manufacturers for a very long time. Their products can be found all over the world and most importantly their original line, which consists of eight e juices and eight nicotine salts, have had a PMTA application filed.

Vape Juice carries Jungle Berries by KILO Salt in a 30ML bottle size with nicotine level options of 36MG and 48MG.

  • Flavor Profile: Sweet and Tart Berries
  • Nicotine Level: 36MG, 48MG
  • Bottle Size: 30ML

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