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(2) Imren 320mah 20A/40A Batteries

The IMREN 3200mAh 20A/40A Battery is the newest pick up here at Vape Juice when it comes to reliable and powerful batteries. For those of you who do not know, IMREN is one of the world's leading vape battery companies and their batteries are used in vape mods across the world.

The 3200mAh power capacity allows for these batteries to last well over a day so the need to recharge is lessened. The 20A/40A aspect of the statistics means that the max discharge rate is 40 amps while the max continuous discharge rate is 20 amps. This allows for maximum power while keeping safety a number one measure.

The IMREN 3200mAh 20A/40A Battery is sold in sets of two.

Properly store your batteries!

Never store batteries in hot spots and never leave them exposed. Always have your batteries in a case and never lose in your pockets. You should always move on to a new set of batteries every six months. Do not unwrap batteries and do not tamper with them. 

  • 3200mAh Capacity
  • 20 Amp Max Continuous Rate
  • 40 Amp Max Discharge Rate
  • Sold in Sets of 2

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