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Heisenberg Sour Apple by Innevape Salts 30ml

Elevate your vape experience to new heights when you puff on a bottle of Heisenberg Sour Apple by Innevape Salts and delight your lungs with a smooth-hitting nicotine salt e juice blend of blue raspberry slushy and sour green apple notes. For the bold and daring, this stunning burst of fruit flavors will pack the nicotine you need with a smile for free.

As you take your first lungful of Heisenberg Sour Apple in, a citrus punch of tart green apples and blue raspberry flavors blankets your taste buds. The scent of berries and apples fills your nose as you release a tiny vapor cloud on the exhale that leaves your tongue bathing in a sea of tangy apple and berry notes. Even after the last of the remaining tufts of vapor have washed away, your mouth will still have a raspberry and apple tanginess resting in it.

The Innevape line is meticulously refined by the industry’s best using modern technology and the finest available ingredients. These blends offer the highest quality of flavor within a sterile product crafted to be reliable and affordable.

You can grab a 30ml-sized bottle of Heisenberg Sour Apple by Innevape Salts here at Vape Juice where we carry the flavor in nicotine strength levels of 24mg and 50m depending on your preference.

  • Flavor Profile: Blue Raspberry, Sour Green Apple

  • Bottle Size: 30ml

  • Nicotine Levels: 24mg, 50mg

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