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Grape Strawberry by Hero Salts 30ml

Treat your lungs to the joy of fresh fruit with a bottle of Grape Strawberry by Hero Salts and dig in to a soothing balance of luscious grapes and sun-ripened strawberries wrapped up in a nicotine salt vape juice solution.

With just a single rip of Grape Strawberry, your taste buds will be enamored by a surging river of juicy grapes partnered by a burst of freshly harvested strawberries. The exhale brings an aroma of ripe grapes and succulent strawberries through your nostrils while your tongue swims through a sea of juicy strawberry and grape bits. An aftertaste of crisp grape flavors with a sugary strawberry undertone settles in your mouth while the last fading bits of vapor disperse into the ether.

Hero Salts is one of the freshest names taking hold of the modern vaping scene with a large variety of fruit-themed e liquid products that have been refined by a professional crew of artisans with the highest quality ingredients available.

You can score your own 30ml-sized squeeze bottle of Grape Strawberry by Hero Salts here at Vape Juice where we currently offer the mix in 30mg and 50mg nicotine strength choices.

  • Flavor Profile: Grape, Strawberry
  • Bottle Size: 30ml
  • Nicotine Levels: 30mg, 50mg

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