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Grape by Jam Monster

This vape juice offers Tobacco Free Nicotine variations.

Grape by Jam Monster takes on a grape jam and buttered toast e juice flavor profile that intricately stimulates your taste buds like the real-life flavors.

The inhale of Grape by Jam Monster brings forth a very strong and consistent grape jam flavor experience that is enhanced with slight toast undertones. Transitioning into the exhale, the grape jam notions stay current but the buttered toast sensations begin to come to the forefront of the taste palate.

Even though there is a lot of flavor to experience with this Jam Monster e juice, the throat hit remains smooth allowing for a soft exhale with no burning or charring sensation.

Tobacco Free Nicotine offers a smoother and more enjoyable vaping experience due to the elimination of all rough exhale sensations.

Jam Monster has been carried at Vape Juice since their debut into the vape industry and the original Blueberry and Strawberry e juice flavors really paved the way for the companies success. Since they have released multiple flavor lines. All of them are very popular in the US and now have released their flavors in a Tobacco Free Nicotine variation!

  • Flavor Profile: Grape Jam with Toast
  • VG/PG: 70/30
  • Nicotine Level: 0MG, 3MG, 6MG
  • Tobacco Free Nicotine: 3MG, 6MG
  • Bottle Size: 100ML

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