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BLVK Bar Disposable Vape - 20,000 Puffs

The BLVK Bar Disposable Vape continues the trend of disposables packing great flavor into a compact device that gives you an enormous puff lifespan. At a whopping 20,000 puff count you can be sure you can enjoy the BLVK Bar for days on end. The 3 different power modes give you options on how you wish to hit your device.

From tobacco blend flavors to sweet fruit inspired juice, BLVK made sure there is a flavor for everyone out there. Every puff from the BLVK Bar bring immediate satisfaction, giving you a one of a kind vape experience. No other device seamlessly combines perfect flavor with the ultimate smooth feel. No hit ever has a burnt or harsh taste, every puff is cool and refreshing.

Not only is this one of the best tasting disposables out there, but it also has some of the greatest functions and design. The device is sleek and simple giving it a truly modern look. The display screen gives you all relevant information such as battery and juice life. The BLVK Bar grants you some new amazing features like its 3 different power modes and child resistant safety lock.

Vape Juice carries the BLVK Bar Disposable Vape in 15+ different flavors. This device comes pre filled with 22mL of top shelf nicotine salt juice.


  • 20,000 Puff Lifespan
  • 5% Nicotine Strength
  • 22mL of Pre-Filled Juice
  • Internal Battery 
  • Rechargeable by USB-C
  • 3 Power Modes
  • Child Resistant Safety Lock

Flavors: American Tobacco Ice, Apple Grape Ice, Blue Raspberry Ice, Double Spearmint Ice, Grape Soda Ice, Grapefruit Blueberry Ice, Juicy Mango Ice, Kiwi Dragon Fruit Ice, Orange Kiwi Ice, Passion Peach Ice, Peach Gummy Ice, Peach Mango Lychee Ice, Sour Apple Ice, Strawberry Cream Ice, Watermelon Gummy Ice.

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