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Blueberry Lemon by Juice Head

This vape juice has Tobacco Free Nicotine options available.

Blueberry Lemon by Juice Head has a wonderful flavor profile that highlights a delicious blend of fresh blueberries, along with tart lemon. Both of these fruits are delicious and refreshing to your taste buds. 

The inhale of this one of a kind vape juice produces a strong and fruity blueberry cloud that will fill your lungs. While exhaling Blueberry Lemon you will be met with the exquisite taste of fresh lemon that is the perfect complement to the blueberry inhale.

The throat hit is a smooth experience that really allows you to fully enjoy the flavor profile without being interrupted with a strong burning or charring sensation.

Juice Head has been carried at Vape Juice for nearly half a decade and all of their current e juice flavors are some of the best selling products in the vape industry. They have mastered all fruit flavor profiles and Blueberry Lemon is a prime example of that.

  • Flavor Profile: Blueberry, Lemon
  • Tobacco Free Nicotine: 3MG, 6MG
  • Bottle Size: 100ML

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