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Apple Melon by One Up Salts

With the greatest pleasure, we are stoked to present Apple Melon by One Up Salts, a delectable nicotine salt vape juice blend that captures a timeless duet of tangy green apple slices paired with the sweet release of tropical melon flavors. Give your taste buds a wake-up call with a punch of apple and melon tastes wrapped into a smooth-hitting vape experience.

With the initial inhale of Apple Melon, your taste buds will be enamored by a crashing wave of granny smith apples floating above a river of succulent melons. Your mouth will fill to the brim with slices of tart green apples calmed only be the exotic melon notes. Through the small puff of exhaled vapor comes a barreling aroma of green apples and crisp melons passing through your nostrils. Even as the last of the remaining vapor wisps have dissipated, a residual green apple tanginess and light melon aftertaste settles on your tongue.

One Up Salts is one of the fastest-growing new brands in the modern vaping community, delivering exceptional flavor and unparalleled quality in every bottle. Each recipe that leaves the warehouse has been specifically designed to provide a balance of both enjoyment and value to the vapers of the world.

You can score a 30ml-sized squeeze bottle of Apple Melon by One Up Salts here at Vape Juice where we currently carry the blend in 25mg, 35mg, and 50mg nicotine concentration options.

  • Flavor Profile: Green Apple, Melon
  • Nicotine Level: 25MG, 35MG, 50MG
  • Bottle Size: 30ML

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