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Apple Fritter by French Dude Salt 30ml

Expand your horizons when you vape on a bottle of Apple Fritter French Dude by Vape Breakfast Classics Salt and give your taste buds a decadent rendition of French toast covered in syrup, cinnamon, and apple slices found within this nicotine salt vape juice formula.

While your first puff of Apple Fritter fills your lungs, a sweet rush of cinnamon and apple flavors barrel over your taste buds with a foundation of French toast of cinnamon. As you release a thin vapor wisp on the exhale, your nose will be filled with French toast and apple aromas while a cinnamon and syrup taste covers your tongue. You can still taste a lingering cinnamon and apple sweetness sticking in your mouth while the rest of the residual vapor remnants wash away.

The French Dude Salt line contains some of the most popular breakfast-themed vape juice recipes available in the market and continues to unveil successful recipes that delight vapers worldwide using the freshest ingredients.

We carry 30ml-sized bottles of Apple Fritter French Dude by Vape Breakfast Classics Salt here at Vape Juice that you can order in nicotine content options of 35mg and 50mg depending on your needs.

  • Flavor Profile: Apple, French Toast, Syrup, Cinnamon

  • Bottle Size: 30ml

  • Nicotine Levels: 30mg, 50mg

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