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Vape on something juicy and fruity with Joosy Frooty.

What is Joosy Frooty?

Joosy Frooty is a brand spanking new series of delectable fruit inspired premium grade vape juice blends developed by the popular Gost Vapor company. Gost has risen from obscurity over the years to be one of the most prominent and distinguished producers of top-tier e juices the world has ever seen. Joosy Frooty is one of the latest accomplishments developed by Gost Vapor, providing a stunning array of delicious and refreshing fruit themed e juice flavors that are quickly becoming a staple of the current vape juice market.

Where can I buy Joosy Frooty vape juice flavors?

The Joosy Frooty selection contains a set of four distinct blends: Joosy Apple, Mango Joose, Acai Berry, and Rooby Red, all of which come packaged in a 120ml sized box that contains two individual 60ml bottles that we carry here at in varying nicotine concentrations of 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg to meet your needs.

What do the best tasting Joosy Frooty e liquid flavors taste like?

Joosy Apple is a simple yet seductive rendition of freshly squeezed red apples into a bright and tangy apple juice flavor wrapped up in a smooth vape juice solution. Mango Joose contains a delectable and sweet reimagining of tropical mangoes, both creamy and ripe form inhale to exhale. Acai Berry is a unique fusion of acai berries, mixed wild berries, and a tinge of zesty lemon for a tart and rich burst of berry flavors. Rooby Red is the fourth and final flavor released from Joosy Frooty and combines refreshing watermelon slices with exotic grapefruits for a tropical splash.

Are Joosy Frooty vape juice flavors high quality?

Gost Vapor produces the Joosy Frooty collection of e liquids using the highest-grade ingredients possible within an industry standard ISO-certified facility where professionals following strict safety regulations manufacture each bottle to perfection. If fruit is the treasure you seek, then pull out your maps and sail away with a bottle of Joosy Frooty.

For those who want to experience both impeccable quality and insatiable flavor out of their favorite vaporizers, Joosy Frooty is one of the best to do it and their menu provides multiple all day vapes.

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