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Bad Drip is one of the most distinguished names to ever take on the vaping industry and for years have delivered an exceptional array of premium grade e liquids that have left quite the mark on the scene. With their insane artwork and branding that pushes the envelope with every bottle, Bad Drip has become a name synonymous with unique and high quality vape products. If you have yet to dive in to their products before but have a pod vaping device and are intrigued, then do we have a treat for you. 

With nicotine salt products become more prevalent throughout vaping culture as more and more smokers are picking up low-wattage, refillable pod vaping systems, Bad Drip decided to keep up with the flow of changes by crafting the Bad Salt collection, a series of delectable nicotine salt formulated e juices that bring that same wonderful Bad Drip flavor with a smooth hitting nic salt solution meant for pod vapes.

The Bad Salt menu is currently comprised of the original five recipes from Bad Drip: Bad Blood, Ugly Butter, Farley’s Gnarly Sauce, Cereal Trip, and Don’t Care Bear, all of which now have a nicotine salt infused formula for a high nicotine dose experience. Some of the most notable blends from this lineup are Farley’s Gnarly Sauce, Cereal Trip, and Don’t Care Bear. Farley’s Gnarly Sauce is probably the most popular recipe and captures a classic pairing of strawberries and kiwi with sugary bubblegum. Cereal Trip is another throwback mix that delivers a rendition of a fruity bowl of cereal with a light splash of milk. Don’t Care Bear contains a stellar treat of melon, pear, and peach flavored gummy candies to please your inner sweet tooth.

Bad Drip utilizes only the finest USP-approved ingredients for the Bad Salt collection and develops all their products in an ISO-certified clean room. This guarantees a sterile and hygienic product made under strict safety guidelines and regulations.

You can score your own bottle of Bad Salt here at VapeJuice.com and treat your taste buds to the most distinguished set of flavor profiles to grace the vaping community. If you like a little bad with your good, then Bad Salt is the perfect solution to finding your next all day vape flavor.