SMOK RPM 2 Instructions

The SMOK RPM 2 pod system is a device that deftly straddles the line between the simple pod-based vaping devices that beginners use and the more advanced and feature-rich mods that expert vapers prefer. It’s got the small size and convenience that made you fall in love with pod systems, but it’s also got some of the “power user” features that you’d expect to find in a full box mod.

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SMOK RPM2 Instruction Manual

This page is your comprehensive guide to the SMOK RPM2. If you’re looking for a SMOK RPM 2 manual written in plain English – or you’re already an owner of the RPM 2 and want to know how to fix problems with it – you’re in the right place.

What Makes the SMOK RPM 2 Special?

The SMOK RPM 2 is one of the hottest products in vaping right now because it adds some advanced features to the pod vaping paradigm in ways that we haven’t seen previously. With its huge full-color display and 80-watt adjustable power range, the SMOK RPM 2 is capable of producing some truly enormous clouds – and with its 7 ml pod capacity, you won’t need to worry about refilling your device constantly.

SMOK RPM2 Instructions

As with the original RPM pod system, the SMOK RPM 2 allows you to replace the atomizer coil separately from the rest of the pod. To replace the coil in your pod, just pull the old coil out and push the new one in. The RPM 2 is compatible with the coils for the original SMOK RPM and also has several new coils of its own. With the replaceable coil system, the SMOK RPM can deliver whatever type of vaping experience you want. Enjoy a high-nicotine mouth-to-lung experience or chase clouds to your heart’s content – the choice is yours.

What’s the Difference Between the SMOK RPM 2 and RPM 2S?

The SMOK RPM 2 and RPM 2S have exactly the same capabilities, with the only difference being that the RPM 2S uses a removable battery. The SMOK RPM 2 has a built-in 2,000 mAh battery. With the RPM 2S, you’ll need to provide your own 18650 battery.

How to Charge the SMOK RPM 2

SMOK RPM 2 Charging

The SMOK RPM 2 has a USB charging port and comes with a charging cable. To charge the RPM 2, use the cable to connect the device to your computer. The device’s display will indicate when the charge cycle is complete; disconnect the charging cable at that time.

How to Fill the SMOK RPM 2 Pod

SMOK RPM 2 How to Fill Pod

One of the great features of the SMOK RPM 2 is the pod’s window, which allows you to see how much e-liquid is left without removing the pod from the device. When it’s time to refill the pod, remove the pod from the RPM 2 and flip the red filling port cover open. Insert the tip of your e-liquid bottle into the pod’s filling port and squeeze the bottle gently until the pod is nearly full. Leave a bit of room for air at the top of the pod. Close the filling port and return the pod to the device.

If you’re filling a new pod for the first time or replacing the coil, refer to the next section about how to install and use a new SMOK RPM 2 coil.

How to Replace the SMOK RPM 2 Coil

One of the best features of the SMOK RPM 2 is the fact that it allows you to replace your atomizer coil while keeping your existing pod. Replacing the coil separately makes it possible for you to have a variety of different vaping experiences with the same device. Buying new coils is also significantly cheaper than replacing your pod constantly.

When it’s time for a new coil, you should wait until the pod is empty to avoid wasting e-liquid. Pull the old coil out of the pod. Place a drop of e-liquid on each of the new coil’s wick openings before pushing the coil into the pod. You can then refill the pod. SMOK recommends waiting at least 15 minutes before vaping with a new RPM 2 coil to ensure that the pod’s wick is completely saturated with e-liquid. Puff gently on the pod twice without pressing the fire button before you begin vaping.

How to Vape With the SMOK RPM 2

SMOK RPM 2 Problems

To vape with the SMOK RPM 2, puff on the device while holding the fire button. The RPM 2 has an 80-watt power range, but you should begin vaping at a much lower wattage than that until you’re certain that the coil you’re using can operate at 80 watts without burning the cotton wick. Before vaping for the first time, use the adjustment buttons on the front of the device to lower the wattage. As you get to know the capabilities of the coil you’re using, you can increase the wattage of the RPM 2 slowly until you reach the desired level of warmth and vapor production.

Fixing Problems With the SMOK RPM 2

The SMOK RPM 2 represents the culmination of years of research and development on SMOK’s part, and you can generally expect the device to give you a completely trouble-free vaping experience. If you do have a problem with the SMOK RPM 2, though, we’re here to help. Read on!

SMOK RPM 2 Leaking or Gurgling

If you experience leaking with the SMOK RPM 2 pod, the first thing you should do is make sure that the nozzle of your e-liquid bottle fits the pod’s filling hole. The SMOK RPM 2 pod has a very narrow filling hole, and you may find it helpful to transfer your e-liquid to a bottle with a needle tip.

When vaping with the SMOK RPM 2, you should always inhale gently to avoid drawing excess e-liquid into the atomizer coil. If you flood the coil, you’ll notice a gurgling sound when you vape as the excess e-liquid begins to creep up the pod’s chimney. You may get e-liquid in your mouth, and the excess e-liquid may also leak out of the pod’s intake vents. You can avoid all of that simply by remembering to inhale gently.

Are you having trouble getting your SMOK RPM 2 to stop gurgling? When the pod is empty, remove it from the device and blow hard through the top of the pod while pressing a paper towel against the bottom. The e-liquid that’s caught in the pod’s chimney will blow out through the intake vents, restoring the pod’s normal airflow.

SMOK RPM 2 Burned Taste

The only problem with having a variable-wattage vaping device is that it's possible to select a wattage that’s too high. If your SMOK RPM 2 produces a burned flavor when you vape, lower the wattage to avoid burning the pod’s cotton wick. If the wick is burned, you’ll continue to taste a burned flavor when vaping even after lowering the wattage. In that case, you’ll need to replace the pod.

If you notice a flavor like burned sugar when using the SMOK RPM 2 – and the flavor becomes more pronounced as you continue vaping – it’s likely that you’re using an e-liquid sweetened with sucralose. If you use an e-liquid that’s sweetened with sucralose, the e-liquid will leave a residue on the atomizer coil that will thicken and eventually start to burn as you continue vaping. You’ll enjoy longer coil life if you use unsweetened e-liquid. Learn more about how to make your coils last longer.

SMOK RPM 2 Not Charging

USB cables can wear out fairly quickly when they’re connected and disconnected several times a day. If you’re having trouble getting your SMOK RPM 2 to charge, the first thing that you should do is try charging the device with a different cable. If the RPM 2 still doesn’t charge, try connecting it to a different USB port. You should generally charge the SMOK RPM 2 with a computer’s USB port. Do not charge the device with the wall adapter for a mobile device like a tablet or phone. Mobile device chargers use higher charging currents that can potentially cause vaping devices to overheat.

SMOK RPM 2 Not Hitting

If your SMOK RPM 2 isn’t hitting, it’s likely that the device is simply locked. The SMOK RPM 2 has a dual-lock function in which pressing the button three times disables vaping and pressing the button five times turns the device off completely. Try pressing the fire button five times quickly – then three times quickly – to turn the device on and unlock the vaping function. If the RPM 2 still isn’t hitting, make sure the battery is charged.

The SMOK RPM 2 won’t hit if the coil doesn’t make a good electrical connection with the body of the device. If you’re unable to get the device to work, you should try replacing the coil. If it still doesn’t work, replace the pod.