SMOK Nord 2 Instructions

As soon as the manufacturers in the vaping industry realized that pod systems were the wave of the future and were definitely here to stay, they scrambled to invent the next big thing. There are now millions of people using pod-based vaping devices, and many of those people will eventually want to upgrade to better hardware. Those people aren’t going to want to switch to bigger mods, though – they’re going to want to buy better pod systems. The SMOK Nord 2 represents SMOK’s latest attempt to create a pod system that gives advanced vapers the upgraded capabilities they want without sacrificing the simplicity and sleek designs that made them fall in love with pod systems in the first place. The SMOK Nord 2 is a real winner, and in this guide, we’re going to teach you the ins and outs of SMOK’s latest and greatest pod system.

SMOK Nord 2 Instructions

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SMOK Nord 2 vs. Nord 1: Is It a Worthy Upgrade?

The SMOK Nord 2 has the same eye-catching design as the original SMOK Nord. It’s also compatible with SMOK Nord coils – but that’s where the similarities end. The SMOK Nord 2 has enough new features that listing them all would merit a separate article. Here are just few of the highlights.

SMOK Nord vs Nord 2

  • The Nord 2 has an enormous selection of coils. Compatible with both Nord and SMOK RPM coils, the SMOK Nord 2 works with a whopping 12 coils – plus a rebuildable coil platform – in all.
  • The Nord 2 has two all-new pods – one for Nord coils and another for RPM coils – that bring you improved airflow and increased coil compatibility.
  • The Nord 2 has a battery capacity of 1,500 mAh, compared to the 1,100-mAh capacity of the original Nord.
  • The Nord 2 has adjustable wattage along with a simple single-button control scheme. While the original Nord wasn’t adjustable and had a maximum power of just 15 watts, the Nord 2 has a maximum power of 40 watts.
  • When you have a device with adjustable power, you need a digital display. The SMOK Nord 2 has a 0.69-inch LED display  that shows your current wattage. When you charge the Nord 2, the screen shows you how many minutes remain until the charge cycle is complete.
  • The Nord 2 has an increased pod capacity of 4.5 ml compared to the 3.0-ml capacity of the original Nord. Despite the increased capacity, the Nord 2 is virtually the same size and weight as the original Nord.

What Coils Are Compatible With the SMOK Nord 2?

With its enormous selection of coils, you’re going to feel pretty overwhelmed when you shop for new coils for the SMOK Nord 2 unless you already have a good idea of what you need. Here’s an overview of the coils available for the SMOK Nord 2 at the time of writing.

Coils for the SMOK NORD 2 Pod

  • Nord Mesh coil. Resistance of 0.6 ohm; original Nord coil; designed for direct lung hits.
  • Nord Regular coil. Resistance of 1.4 ohm; original Nord coil; designed for mouth-to-lung hits.
  • Nord DC coil. Resistance of 0.6 ohm; best wattage 20W; designed for direct lung hits.
  • Nord DC MTL coil. Resistance of 0.8 ohm; best wattage 16W; designed for mouth-to-lung hits.
  • Nord Mesh MTL coil. Resistance of 0.8 ohm; best wattage 16W; designed for mouth-to-lung hits with bigger clouds.

Coils for the SMOK Nord RPM Pod

  • RPM Mesh coil. Resistance of 0.4 ohm; best wattage 25W; designed for direct lung hits.
  • RPM Triple coil. Resistance of 0.6 ohm; best wattage 25W; designed for direct lung hits.
  • RPM Quartz coil. Resistance of 1.2 ohm; best wattage 12W; designed for thick oils.
  • RPM Single coil. Resistance of 1.0 ohm; best wattage 14W; designed for mouth-to-lung hits.
  • RPM Dual coil. Resistance of 0.8 ohm; best wattage 16W; designed for mouth-to-lung hits with bigger clouds.
  • RPM MTL Mesh coil. Resistance of 0.3 ohm; best wattage 10-15W; designed for mouth-to-lung hits with biggest clouds.
  • RPM RDA coil. Rebuildable deck supports coils with a minimum resistance of 0.25 ohm.

SMOK Nord 2 vs. Novo 3

SMOK Nord 2 Guide

If you’ve been shopping around for a new pod system, you’ve no doubt noticed that the SMOK Nord 2 and SMOK Novo 3 look extremely similar. The SMOK Novo 3 also costs slightly less. So, how do the SMOK Nord 2 vs. Novo 3 compare? In short, the SMOK Novo 3 is a more basic device with slightly reduced capabilities compared to the Nord 2. The Novo 3 is slightly smaller and has slightly less battery capacity. While the Nord 2 has a replaceable coil system, replacing a coil in the Novo 3 requires you to replace the entire pod.

Buy the SMOK Novo 3 if you want something simpler; buy the SMOK Nord 2 if you want something with more advanced capabilities.

How to Use the SMOK Nord 2

While the SMOK Nord 2 is a pod system with advanced capabilities, it’s also incredibly easy to use. That’s the magic of pod systems! This is our brief guide to using the SMOK Nord 2.

How to Charge the SMOK Nord 2

To charge the SMOK Nord 2, connect the device to your computer using the included USB cable. The display automatically updates itself to show you the remaining charge time.

How to Fill the SMOK Nord 2 Pod

How to Fill SMOK Nord 2 Pod

To fill the SMOK Nord 2 pod, lift the pod out of the device and open the silicone plug. Add e-liquid until the pod is nearly full, leaving a little room at the top for air. Replace the plug and put the pod back into the Nord 2. If you’re filling the pod for the first time, wait several minutes before vaping to ensure that the pod’s wick is completely wet.

How to Replace the SMOK Nord 2 Coil

To replace the SMOK Nord 2 coil, remove the pod from the device. Hold the pod upside down and pull the coil straight up to remove it. Before installing a new coil, place a bit of e-liquid on each of the white openings on the side of the coil. That primes the wick and helps to prevent dry hits. Push the coil into the pod and fill the pod. Put the pod back into the Nord 2 and wait several minutes before vaping.

How to Vape With the SMOK Nord 2

To vape with the SMOK Nord 2, press the fire button five times quickly to turn the device on. Once the device finishes its startup routine, you can vape by inhaling while holding the fire button. To change the device’s wattage, press the fire button three times quickly. You can then press or hold the fire button to adjust the current power level. When you reach the desired power level, don’t touch the fire button for a few seconds.

How to Fix Problems With the SMOK Nord 2

Every vaping device experiences a problem from time to time. Thankfully, any SMOK Nord 2 problems that you may encounter are quite easy to resolve.

SMOK Nord 2 Not Hitting

If your SMOK Nord 2 isn’t hitting, the most likely reason is that the device is locked. Press the power button five times to unlock the device. If it still doesn’t work, make sure that the battery is fully charged. Try reseating the coil and pod.

SMOK Nord 2 Not Charging

A USB cable takes a lot of abuse, and the most likely reason why your SMOK Nord 2 isn’t charging is because you need to try a different cable. Over time, the internal connections in USB cables become weak, and those cables then have difficulty carrying power. If the Nord 2 doesn’t charge with two different cables, try charging it with a different USB port or a different computer. Don’t attempt to charge the SMOK Nord 2 with a tablet or mobile phone charger.

SMOK Nord 2 Weak Hits

Since the SMOK Nord 2 has adjustable power and a large selection of coils, it should never give you weak hits because you can always tailor your experience to your liking. If you experience weak hits with the SMOK Nord 2, try switching to a more powerful coil or increasing your wattage setting. Make sure that you’re using the right nicotine strength for the type of coil you’re using. If you’re using a mouth-to-lung coil, you should use a higher-strength e-liquid.

SMOK Nord 2 Leaking

If your SMOK Nord 2 is leaking and isn’t demonstrating other problems like gurgling or spitting – which we’ll cover next – the most likely cause of the problem is that you’ve either overfilled the pod or haven’t closed the silicone plug securely. It’s important to leave a bit of room for air at the top of the pod when filling it. Otherwise, you’ll push e-liquid out of the pod when you replace the silicone plug.

SMOK Nord 2 Gurgling or Spitting

If your SMOK Nord 2 begins gurgling or spitting when you vape, the most likely cause is that you’re using too much air pressure when puffing. While you can puff harder on a cigarette to get more smoke out of it, the same isn’t true of a vaping device. If you’re puffing firmly because you’re not satisfied with the hits you’re getting from the Nord 2, read the section above on weak hits.