Naked 100 Company Profile

Naming the most popular company among all the world’s e-juice brands is no easy task, but the top contender might just be Naked Vape Juice. Have you ever wondered who makes Naked 100 e-liquid and why this vape juice is as successful as it is? True premium e-liquid isn’t just about the way it tastes, and it isn’t just about who has the nicest packaging and the best marketing skills. It’s also about true professionalism at every step of the production process. Some vape juice brands have the knowledge and resources to put it all together, and some fall a little short. Naked 100 is perhaps the very best.

You’re about to learn everything you ever wanted to know about Naked 100 e-liquid.

Naked 100 Company Profile

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Who Makes Naked 100 E-Liquid?

Naked 100 e-liquid is a product of USA Vape Lab, one of America’s largest and most advanced e-liquid manufacturers. USA Vape Lab makes vaping products for distribution around the world. In addition to the vape juices that you see on the shelves of practically every vape shop in the United States, USA Vape Lab also makes vaping products such as e-liquids and pod systems exclusively for distribution in other regions such as China and Latin America.

Naked 100 E-Liquid Brand

What E-Liquid Brands Does USA Vape Lab Produce?

Naked 100 is the flagship brand of USA Vape Lab. However, the company also produces a few other brands that you can find here at Vape Juice and elsewhere.

  • Naked 100 E-Juice is USA Vape Lab’s flagship brand and one of the most popular e-liquid brands in the world.
  • Naked 100 Salt is the brand under which USA Vape Lab sells salt-based formulations of your favorite Naked 100 e-liquids for pod systems.

What’s Special About Naked 100 E-Juice?

More than anything else, the thing that makes Naked 100 e-liquid special is USA Vape Lab’s commitment to doing things the right way. You won’t find any showy packaging or cartoon character mascots here; Naked 100 has always been clearly an adult product and has never faced some of the controversies that other e-liquid brands have.

Naked 100 also has the best sanitation and quality control in the vaping industry. They recycle and dispose of products in the right way, and they ensure that their entire production line remains completely sterile. The company’s commitment to quality is evident in the collection of laboratory reports available on the USA Vape Lab website. For every Naked 100 e-liquid, you can find a report verifying the juice’s diacetyl and acetyl propionyl content. You can also find reports verifying that no Naked 100 vape juice contains Vitamin E.

Naked 100 Vape Juice: History

Naked 100 Vape Juice Brand

Naked 100 vape juice began its life in Southern California in 2016 as an e-liquid brand called The Schwartz. The Schwartz was a line of yogurt-flavored e-liquids that no longer exists today. Although it wasn’t the direction that USA Vape Lab ended up pursuing over the long term, The Schwartz did provide the necessary capital for Naked 100 to expand into the brand that it has become today.

Naked 100 Vape Advocacy

One of the things that any major e-liquid maker should do is use some of its profits to give back to the community and help ensure the future health of the vaping industry. Naked 100 – and its parent company USA Vape Lab – have committed themselves extensively to vape advocacy with programs such as #No2Minors, a program through which retailers can get free printed materials reminding minors under 21 that they can’t buy e-liquid.

Naked 100 E-Juice Brand Profile

Naked 100 also contributes to vape advocacy groups throughout America, including VTA, SFATA, CASAA and others. Advocacy organizations do many things for the vaping community. They lobby at the local, state and federal levels, for example, to protect your right to vape and ensure your continued access to vaping products. Trade groups also act as watchdogs for the vaping industry, ensuring that vaping brands manufacture and market their products responsibly and don’t allow their quality standards to slip.

The funding for advocacy and trade organizations has to come from within the industry, and it’s safe to say that Naked 100 is definitely doing its part.

How to Avoid Fake Naked 100 Vape Juice

One of the things we’ve learned throughout the history of the vaping industry is that factories in China and elsewhere will happily make counterfeit products if doing so is likely to be profitable. As one of the industry’s biggest e-liquid brands, Naked 100 suffers from counterfeiting and has taken steps to ensure that only authentic Naked 100 e-liquid reaches your hands. To prevent fake products from proliferating, Naked 100 vape juice uses distinctive packaging elements that are hard for others to copy.

Authentic Naked 100 E-Liquid (Plastic Bottle)

Authentic Naked 100 E-Liquid

Authentic Naked 100 e-liquid in a plastic bottle should have the following elements.

  • The cap should have a “USA VAPE LAB” stamp.
  • The cap should be child resistant.
  • At the time of writing, Naked 100 is rolling out a new peel-off double label as shown in the picture above. The double label is not available nationwide yet.

Authentic Naked 100 E-Liquid (Glass Bottle)

Naked 100 switched from glass to plastic bottles in December 2018. However, you may still find the old glass bottles in stock at some vape shops. Authentic Naked 100 e-liquid in a glass bottle should have the following elements.

  • The bottom of the bottle is embossed with “USA VAPE LAB.”
  • The bottle has an anti-tamper seal with a holographic strip that says “VALID.”
  • The top of the bottle has a black stamp that says “USA VAPE LAB.”
  • The plastic cap is embossed with “USA VAPE LAB.”
  • Any Naked 100 e-liquid produced after August 8, 2018 has a prominent nicotine warning. If the bottle contains nicotine-free e-liquid, the warning says “Keep away from children and pets.”

What Are the Most Popular Naked 100 E-Liquid Flavors?

If you’re new to Naked 100 e-liquid, this is the part of the article that you’ve been waiting for. Naked 100 is obviously a brand that’s been in the industry for a long time and has an enormous selection of flavors available. How could you possibly choose which one to try first? Well, we’re here to help. Try one of these customer favorites, and you can’t go wrong.

Lava Flow

Lava Flow by Naked 100

How many times have you tried a fruity e-liquid hoping that it would provide an authentic tropical vaping experience and walked away disappointed? It’s common for e-liquid makers to round out their tropical e-liquids with berry and orchard notes that provide some extra depth, but sometimes those notes can overpower the tropical flavors. That’s definitely not the case with Lava Flow by Naked 100. In this e-liquid, tropical pineapple and coconut flavors take center stage, and a hint of strawberry on the finish makes the experience complete.

Hawaiian POG

Hawaiian POG by Naked 100

Passion fruit and guava juices taste amazing, but they’re not the most drinkable juices in the world because they’re so thick. If you want to make a fruit juice out of passion fruit and guava that’s actually enjoyable to drink, you need to thin the juices with something. Orange juice is the perfect choice, and that’s how POG – the signature Hawaiian cocktail of passion fruit, orange and guava juices – came about. Hawaiian POG by Naked 100 is the perfect ode to the 50th state.

All Melon

All Melon Naked 100

For any fan of melon flavors, All Melon by Naked 100 is an absolutely essential vape juice because it's the only e-liquid on the market combining all three of the major melon flavors -- watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew -- all in one place. This vape juice is a fruity extravaganza unlike anything that you'll find anywhere else.

Strawberry Pom

Strawberry Pom by Naked 100

Strawberry Pom by Naked 100 is the vape juice that you want to buy if you’re looking for the ultimate in fruity refreshment. This e-liquid begins with equal blends of bright strawberry and tangy pomegranate flavors, and it blends those two base notes with a hint of juicy kiwi. To complete the experience of drinking a perfect fruity cocktail on ice, Strawberry Pom finishes with a blast of cool menthol.

American Patriots Tobacco

American Patriots Tobacco by Naked 100

The vaping industry has changed over the years, and tobacco e-liquid isn’t quite as common as it used to be. If you’re one of the brilliant mixologists at Naked 100, though, you don’t let that get you down – you put your skills to work and create a tobacco e-liquid unlike any other. American Patriots Tobacco by Naked 100 is everything you’ve ever wanted a tobacco vape juice to be. It’s bold but never harsh, mild but not timid and sweet but not cloying.