Vape Juice Flavors Most Popular 2021

Are you a true connoisseur of vape juice flavors? If you are, there’s a good chance that you’ve spent your fair share of time – and money – experimenting with as many flavors profiles as you can possibly find. With so many different e-liquids in the world today, though, it can be difficult to try – let alone identify – every flavor profile that exists. That being the case, it’s entirely possible that you might miss a few great e-juice flavors during your explorations. We don’t want that to happen. We’ve gathered the most popular vape juice flavors here on one page to help with your adventures. If you’re looking for something new to try, start right here. These are the most popular vape juice flavors in 2021.

Strawberry Vape Juice

Strawberry e-juice is the tried-and-true classic of the vaping industry. Although two other fruit vape juice flavors have since eclipsed strawberry in popularity – we’ll discuss those in a moment – no other fruit flavors in the industry has quite the same mix of sweetness and tartness. Strawberry is also an excellent mixer that works extremely well with a wide variety of other e-liquid flavor notes. Have you ever eaten one of those cereal bars with bits of dried strawberry on the inside and a creamy drizzle on top? You can find strawberry e-liquids that taste almost identical to that classic treat.

Mango Vape Juice

Although strawberry was possibly the most popular of all vape juice flavors for many years, a new flavor craze started in the late 2010s and threatened to overtake strawberry in popularity. That new craze was mango e-juice. One of the shortcomings of many fruit e-liquids is the fact that they don’t really taste like convincing copies of real fruits. Instead, they taste a bit more like fruit candies – which is delicious, of course, but some people would like to find e-liquids that taste a bit truer to life. That’s one of the reasons why mango e-liquid has become so popular with the members of the vaping community. You can find mango vape juices that taste so realistic, it’s almost uncanny. You could just about believe that someone squeezed real fruit juice into the mix.

Blue Raspberry Vape Juice

Popular Vape Juice Flavors 2021

If you’re old enough to remember the ‘90s, then you’re old enough to remember a time when just about every maker of snacks, candies, beverages or frozen treats on the planet released a blue raspberry flavor. For a while, it was almost like the entire world turned blue, and you can relive those fond memories when you buy blue raspberry e-juice. It’s possible that one of the reasons why blue raspberry works so well as an e-liquid flavor is because the blue raspberry isn’t actually a real fruit. It’s actually a concoction that the snack industry came up with many years ago to avoid having a situation in which there were so many red snacks that people couldn’t tell the different flavors apart. Blue raspberry tastes a bit like actual raspberry, but it’s a unique flavor that you’ll only find in the snack world – and, today, the e-liquid world as well. We particularly enjoy vape juices that blend blue raspberry with a bit of menthol to create the impression that you’re drinking a frozen slush.

Tobacco Vape Juice

Vaping is the ultimate substitute for smoking – and when you’re using vaping to replace your nicotine intake, there’s no way we can discuss the most popular vape juice flavors without mentioning tobacco e-juice. After all, that’s exactly what you probably want when you’re trying to replace cigarettes with something better – you want an e-liquid that reminds you of a cigarette. Before you rush out and buy every tobacco vape juice you can find, we must point out that tobacco e-liquid is made from food-grade flavors – not actual tobacco. There’s no way to capture the authentic flavor of cigarette smoke with something that isn’t combustible and has no tobacco. However, tobacco fans often find that tobacco e-liquid hits the palate in much the same way as cigarette smoke with its blend of spicy, nutty and roasty notes.

Menthol Vape Juice

If you’re a former smoker of menthol cigarettes, you’re probably going to want to skip the tobacco vape juice and head straight for the menthol e-juice. One of the great things about menthol e-liquid is that it’s actually more reminiscent of an actual cigarette than tobacco e-liquid in many ways. That’s because menthol always tastes the same regardless of how you use it. Whether it’s used to flavor a cigarette or a vape juice, you’ll get the same coolness in your mouth and throat along with the same slightly minty flavor notes. The great thing about menthol vape juice, though, is that menthol can be used to flavor an e-liquid in ways that aren’t possible with a cigarette. For example, an e-liquid maker can pair menthol with a sweet mint base and omit the tobacco flavor entirely. It’s also common to add a little menthol to fruit and beverage e-liquids to create an icy coolness that people love.

Custard Vape Juice

Vape Juice Flavors Custard

Here’s another all-time classic that the members of the vaping community have loved for many years. People absolutely adore custard e-juice because it has everything you could ever want in a dessert vape juice. A traditional custard is made from egg yolks, cream, sugar and vanilla – so you get the savory flavor of the egg, the creamy dairy, the sweet sugar and the seductive vanilla all in one bite. It’s no wonder that crème brulee is easily one of the most popular restaurant desserts, and you can enjoy an experience extremely similar to that with custard e-liquid. Although custard stands quite well on its own as a vape juice flavor, it’s also extremely popular as a mixer because a touch of creamy sweetness goes with just about everything. If you enjoy custard e-liquid on its own, we highly recommend trying a vape juice that blends a custard base with a fruity note. It tastes almost like eating a bowl of custard with a bit of fresh fruit placed on top.

Donut Vape Juice

Although vape juice makers have an almost infinite variety of flavors at their disposal, you may still think that it would be almost impossible to capture the taste of a donut in vapor form. It is possible, though, and donut e-juice is truly one of the most popular vape juice flavors around. Using a hint of toasted grain flavor along with the judicious application of flavors like powdered sugar, frosting and fruit, e-liquid makers have managed to create products that taste almost as good as fresh donuts straight out of the oven. As you vape a donut e-liquid, you’ll swear that you can almost taste the slightly crispy exterior of the donut as it gives way to the soft, fluffy interior. Everyone loves a donut that’s filled with sweet fruit jam, and that’s probably why donut e-liquid pairs so well with fruit flavors. If you’re not sure what to try first, we highly recommend trying a donut vape juice with a bit of sweet blueberry added. It’s an all-time favorite.

Candy Vape Juice

If you’re looking for a vape juice that tastes almost like an exact copy of something you’d really eat, you should look no further than candy e-juice. Why does candy e-liquid taste so true to life? It’s because e-liquid makers put the same flavoring compounds into their products that snack makers use when making real candy. With a bit of experimentation, therefore, it’s possible to create a vape juice that tastes like an almost exact copy of any popular candy. Whether you like hard candy, taffy, bubblegum or something else, you’re guaranteed to find something in this category that satisfies your sweet tooth.

Cereal Vape Juice

Cereal Vape Juice Flavors

Toasted grain flavors are great when you’re talking about donut vape juice, but what about the best use for toasted grains that could possibly exist? We’re talking about cereal, of course, and cereal e-juice is something you absolutely must try if you haven’t yet. E-liquid makers have done an excellent job of capturing the flavors of toasted wheat, corn and oats. By combining those notes with other flavors, it’s possible to create an e-liquid that tastes like corn flakes, fruity loops, cinnamon toast cereal or just about any other cereal flavor you can imagine. The best part is that most makers of cereal vape juice will add a bit of creamy milk flavor as a finishing touch to complete the experience. If you’re a cereal aficionado – as we all are from time to time – you know that the best part of any bowl of cereal is the sweet milk at the bottom. Enjoying a big tank of cereal vape juice almost tastes like skipping the cereal and just drinking the milk at the bottom of the bowl. The fact that you can have that experience any time you want is a big part of what makes vaping so magical.

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