Mike Tyson Vapes Review

In our recent guide explaining all of the Mike Tyson vape flavors offered on this site, we reflected on the fact that 2024 seems to be the year of the celebrity-endorsed disposable vape. There are so many vapes with famous names on the market right now that actually took us a while to make sure that we’d listed all of them. We’ve got vapes from Hulk Hogan, Dennis Rodman, Snoop Dogg – you name it.

Among all of the celebrity names appearing on vape shops’ shelves today, though, Mike Tyson vapes are undoubtedly the most popular of them all. Is it because Mike Tyson is the most famous celebrity endorser of the bunch, or is it because the Tyson Vape brand is simply better? We’d have to say that it’s the latter.

Tyson Vape Review

Mike Tyson vapes are popular because they’re the most reliable and most modern of all the celebrity-endorsed vapes on the market today. Moreover, no one else offers a flavor selection that’s even close to as large. It’s clear that this brand is run by people who understand the vaping industry and really know what the public wants.

So, what are Tyson vapes all about? In this review, we’ll tell you everything you need to know. You’re going to learn about the devices that are available, what they cost and how to use them. Is your next vape going to be from Iron Mike? We’d have to say there’s a good chance.

What Are the Different Mike Tyson Vapes, and How Much Do They Cost?

At the time of writing, we offer three Mike Tyson vape models at Vape Juice. They are:

  • Tyson 2.0 Heavyweight: Costs $13.95. Contains 15 ml of vape juice and lasts up to 7,000 puffs.
  • Tyson 2.0 Heavyweight Round 2: Costs $15.99. Contains 16 ml of vape juice and lasts up to 7,500 puffs. Uses an improved mesh coil for even better vapor production. Has a built-in display showing the device’s battery status and remaining e-liquid.
  • Tyson 2.0 Iron Mike: Costs $14.95. Contains 14 ml of vape juice and lasts up to 15,000 puffs. Has all of the features of the Heavyweight Round 2 plus an updated design that’s more stylish than ever.

A huge bonus is that every Tyson vape actually comes with a charging cable – so if you’re short on cables, you’re really going to enjoy that fact.

What Are the Best Mike Tyson Vape Flavors?

We recently devoted an entire article to a full roundup of all Mike Tyson vape flavors. We encourage you to take a look at that guide, which classifies and rates every Tyson flavor that we carry here at VapeJuice.com. If you’re just looking for a quick recommendation, though, here are a few of our favorites.

How to Use a Mike Tyson Vape

Tyson Vapes Review

Modern disposable vapes are pretty user-friendly devices. That’s especially true of Mike Tyson vapes, which include charging cables – a rarity among disposable vapes. Still, it’s possible that you’re a smoker who has never vaped before, and this is going to be your first device. In that case, you might need a little help. We’ve got your back. Here’s how to use a Tyson vape.

How to Unbox a Mike Tyson Vape

Tyson vapes are packed extremely securely to ensure that they won’t leak during shipping and will arrive at your door as fresh as they were they day they were packaged. With that in mind, you’ll need to go through a few steps to unbox your device and prepare it for use.

  • Open the box and remove the inner pouch. The Tyson vape is packed in an airtight pouch to keep the vape juice fresh. Tear open the pouch and remove the device and charging cable.
  • Remove the sticker(s) covering the device. You’ll find one sticker on the bottom covering the air inlet. If your device has a screen, you’ll find another sticker covering the screen.
  • Remove the plug inside the mouthpiece. Your Tyson vape is now ready to use.

How to Use the Device

To use your Tyson vape, just inhale through the mouthpiece as if you were puffing on a cigarette. This triggers the airflow sensor, causing the device to produce vapor. Inhale and exhale the vapor like cigarette smoke. Although using the Tyson vape is simple, there are two things that you need to remember if you want your experience to be as good as it can be.

  • Always use gentle air pressure when puffing on the Tyson vape. Just watch the light. When it turns on, the device is generating vapor. That’s as firmly as you need to puff. If you puff too hard, vape juice will end up spitting into your mouth. You won’t like that.
  • Try to vape only when you would have smoked a cigarette. Remember that Tyson vapes – like almost all disposable vapes – have high nicotine strengths and are designed to deliver nicotine almost as efficiently as tobacco products. Vaping doesn’t have the harshness of smoking, though, which causes some people to end up using more nicotine than they really need.

How to Recharge a Mike Tyson Vape

When the battery indicator on your Mike Tyson vape is empty, it’s time to recharge the device. To do that, just connect the device to your computer using the charging cable included in the box. Watch the battery meter to see when the charging process is complete. Your Tyson vape should charge in a little under an hour.

Tyson Vape Not Working? Here’s What to Do

  • Tyson vape isn’t working? If the device has never worked, make sure you’ve removed the sticker from the bottom and the plug from the mouthpiece. Try puffing a little harder in case the airflow sensor isn’t working properly. If the device was working but stopped, charge the battery.
  • Tyson vape isn’t charging? Try using a different USB cable. Use a different charging source such as your computer’s USB port. If you have a USB wall adapter, you can use it, but don’t use the “quick charging” adapter included with your smartphone. Make sure that the device’s charging port is free of dust and lint.
  • Tyson vape tastes burnt? Wait a little longer between puffs to give the e-liquid in the device a moment to redistribute itself. If your Tyson vape tastes burnt on every puff, it’s time to replace it. Please dispose of the device responsibly.

Mike Tyson Vape Review: Wrapping Up

In this review, you’ve learned everything that’s important about Mike Tyson vapes, and you’ve discovered why they’re the most popular celebrity-endorsed vapes on the market at the moment. It’s clear that celebrity vapes are a big thing right now, and we fully expect more brands to enter the market in the very near future. For now, though, Mike Tyson is the champ. Hasn’t he always been?

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Best Points

  • The design is stylish without being loud. Basic black always looks great.
  • The flavor selection is huge; there’s definitely something for everyone.
  • It has the most modern features of the current celebrity-endorsed vapes.
  • It’s always fun to root for Iron Mike.

Needs Improvement

  • It would be nice if Tyson could produce a vape with an even larger e-liquid supply.