Keep It 100 Company Profile

Keep It 100 E-Juice has had a reserved position at the top of the vaping industry for many years, and they’ve earned that position because they’ve been one of the most influential e-liquid brands since their launch. So, who makes Keep It 100 e-liquid, and why is this brand so important to the vaping industry? Those are the things you’re going to learn from reading this article.

Keep It 100 Company Profile

Who Makes Keep It 100 E-Liquid?

Keep It 100 E-Liquid is the flagship brand of Liquid Labs, an e-liquid manufacturer based in New Jersey. Liquid Labs began as just the manufacturer of Keep It 100, but they’ve expanded their production capacity so much that they now produce e-liquid for other brands as well.

These are just a few of the features that e-liquid brands enjoy when they produce their vape juice through Liquid Labs.

  • Liquid Labs has amazing production capacity. They’ve managed to get Keep It 100 e-liquid on the shelves of just about every quality vape shop in every city in the country. Keep It 100 is truly one of the world’s most popular e-liquid brands, and yet, Liquid Labs still has the capacity to produce vape juice for other brands as well. That’s incredibly impressive.
  • It takes a remarkably good distribution and marketing network to get your e-liquid on shelves all over the United States and the rest of the world. Manufacturing your vape juice through Liquid Labs means tapping into that network and getting a huge leg up over the competition.
  • Liquid Labs has one of the cleanest e-liquid production facilities in the United States. The company holds an ISO-7 certification, and they truly go the extra mile in ensuring the sterility and safety of every product. Liquid Labs maintains the quality and purity of each e-liquid with full batch tracking and fully automatic bottle filling machines. The company even uses a separate production line for nicotine-free e-liquids to prevent cross-contamination.
  • Liquid Labs also ensures that all partner brands’ trade secrets are kept safe with full non-disclosure agreements signed by both parties.

In short, when you work with Liquid Labs – or buy Keep It 100 e-liquid – you can be certain you’re getting premium vape juice that’s mixed and produced with perfect consistency every time.

What E-Liquid Brands Does Liquid Labs Produce?

In addition to Keep It 100, Liquid Labs produces the following e-liquid brands in house:

As we mentioned, Liquid Labs also operates as a white-label e-liquid maker for outside brands. How can you tell if you’re buying a third-party e-liquid brand manufactured by Liquid Labs? Unfortunately, due to the company’s confidentiality agreement, you can’t. Vape juice brands are often very tight lipped about the facilities in which they produce their products because they don’t want other companies copying their methods. If you happen to notice that a certain e-liquid brand displays an extra measure of professionalism, though, who knows – it might just be a Liquid Labs vape juice.

What’s Special About Keep It 100 Vape Juice?

Keep It 100’s main claim to fame is the fact that, until Keep It 100 appeared on the market, e-liquid bottles were much smaller than they are today. During the early years of the vaping industry, the few vaping devices that were refillable had very small tanks, and people who used the small vape pens available at that time typically used much higher nicotine strengths than the nicotine strengths that are popular today.

Companies sold e-liquid in small bottles, and the typical prices that people paid per milliliter of vape juice were much higher than the prices that people generally pay today. People didn’t complain about what they were paying, though, because vape juice prices were about the same throughout the industry. The smaller vaping devices that people used during those days didn’t consume a lot of e-liquid – and vaping still cost significantly less than smoking.

As technology evolved, though, more powerful vaping devices began to appear. Refillable glass tanks became popular. Once it was clear to vaping product manufacturers that tank-based vaping was going to be the way that everyone would want to vape, the manufacturers began to look for ways to build tanks that had even better vapor production. Sub-ohm tanks began to appear.

As sub-ohm tanks grew in power, cloud chasers began to ditch the mouth-to-lung vaping style, inhaling the vapor directly into their lungs for even bigger clouds. At that point, everyone started to consume a lot more e-liquid. The smaller 15 ml and 30 ml bottle sizes that most companies offered at that time suddenly didn’t make a lot of sense anymore. People were paying close to $1.00 per milliliter of vape juice and using more than 10 ml per day – for anyone using a sub-ohm tank, vaping could actually cost more than smoking.

Keep It 100 became famous throughout the vaping community for being one of the first e-liquid brands to offer vape juice in much larger bottles for about the same price that people previously paid for 30 ml bottles. Vape juice was always an incredibly profitable product to manufacture, and it would still be very profitable even with a larger bottle size. All it took was for one company to step up and accept slightly lower profits for doing the right thing for the vaping community.

It was inevitable that a company would eventually start shipping e-liquid in larger bottles, but Keep It 100 was there first. Today, it’s rare to find an e-liquid brand that doesn’t ship vape juice in bottles of at least 60 ml. We can thank Keep It 100 for starting that trend – especially since today’s sub-ohm tanks use more e-liquid than ever!

What Are the Most Popular Keep It 100 E-Liquid Flavors?

If you haven’t tried Keep It 100 vape juice yet, it’s time to experience one of the most popular e-liquid brands ever to hit the vaping industry. You’re wondering which flavors to try first, and we’re here to help. These are the most popular Keep It 100 e-liquid flavors.

OG Blue Iced

OG Blue Iced Keep It 100

OG Blue Iced is probably the most popular of all Keep It 100 e-liquids. The flavor of a blue raspberry slush isn’t difficult to recreate in e-liquid form because the makers of convenience store slushes use the same flavoring agents that vape juice makers use. The problem, though, is that a slush is cold -- and when you vape, the vapor is warm. There’s a sense of mental disconnect because the flavor is right, but the temperature is wrong. OG Blue Iced fixes that problem with a dash of menthol that makes you feel as though you’re drinking a real slush. This vape juice is a major hit across the world.


Shake Keep It 100

There is no food experience more decadent – or more celebratory – than eating birthday cake and ice cream at the same time. Until the release of Shake by Keep It 100, though, no e-liquid maker had attempted to capture that experience in vapor form. The flavor of cake and ice cream, people thought, was just too complex to duplicate in an e-liquid. Well, those people thought wrong, because the genius mixologists at Keep It 100 have managed to create a dead-on replica of everyone’s favorite birthday dessert. When fluffy cake collides with confetti frosting and sweet vanilla ice cream, you know there’s going to be a dessert e-liquid experience that you should not miss.

FTC (OG Krunch)

FTC OG Krunch Keep It 100

You remember how much you used to enjoy munching on sweetened cereal while watching Saturday morning cartoons as a kid, and you probably also remember reaching adulthood and learning that most cereals – even the not-so-sweet ones – aren’t actually that healthy at all and are almost like junk food in a bowl. Oh, the heartbreak! What are you supposed to do if you can’t enjoy that delicious cinnamon toast cereal? Well, there’s a very simple solution available for those who vape – you can enjoy your favorite flavors in vapor form without the calories and sugar. FTC is Keep It 100’s signature cereal e-liquid flavor. It perfectly replicates the flavor of that cinnamon-sugar French toast cereal that you loved as a kid, and now you can enjoy it whenever you want.