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Here at, we pride ourselves on having the lowest prices for disposable vapes anywhere. Even with our great prices, though, buying vapes is a bit of an investment – especially if you like to buy in bulk to save on shipping costs. In order to plan effectively, you need to know how much each device costs and how long you can expect it to last – and in this article, we’re going to provide the information you need.

In case you’re short on time, we’ll start by providing the information that brought you here. These are the prices for each of the Geek Bar models that we carry at at the time of writing.

Geek Bar Prices:

Now that you have a better idea of what’s out there, let’s dig in a little more deeply to help you understand what the differences between the prices signify and what you can do to save even more money when you buy Geek Bar vapes.

Understanding What Geek Bar Prices Mean

The Geek Bar Pulse is the most popular Geek Bar vape at the time of writing and has the largest flavor selection.

When you look at the prices for the different Geek Bar vapes, you’ll see that they’re really not so different from one another. In fact, there’s only a few dollars separating the latest Geek Bar devices from the slightly older ones.

The reason why longer-lasting vapes only cost a little more than the older and lower-capacity models is because the majority of the price is in the device itself and not in the vape juice. Every time you buy a disposable vape, you’re paying for a vape that’s fully assembled and ready to use. The external casing, electronic components and battery all add to the cost, while the e-liquid doesn’t contribute much to the price at all. Therefore, the most economical option when you buy Geek Bars or other disposable vapes is to buy devices with large e-liquid capacities. The more vape juice a device has, the longer you can use it before it needs to be replaced. This keeps your daily vaping expenses as low as they can be.

Although there’s definitely a great demand for longer-lasting disposable vapes right now, lower-capacity devices still have a purpose because they’re generally smaller and more pocketable. As you’ve seen from reading the Geek Bar price table above, current devices hold as much as 18 ml of vape juice. All of that e-liquid has to go somewhere, so the device will naturally be bigger. Some people would rather use devices that feel slimmer and lighter in their pockets, so lower-capacity vapes present an alternative if portability is your top priority.

How Long Does a Geek Bar Last?

The question of how long a disposable vape lasts actually has two answers. Most people think of it in terms of the device’s puff count, but it might be more accurate to think about the device’s total nicotine content because manufacturers’ estimates of their devices’ puff counts are over the place. You can click the link above to read our full-length article discussing this issue, but here’s a quick overview of how long you can expect a Geek Bar to last, and thus, how much it’ll cost per day to use.

  • A cigarette usually lasts about 10 puffs before you put it out, which means that you get around 200 puffs from a pack of cigarettes or 2,000 puffs from a carton. Based on that comparison, a disposable vape with 20,000 puffs would be about the equivalent of 10 cartons of cigarettes. You’re unlikely to ever get that much usage out of a disposable vape, though, so let’s focus on the nicotine content instead.
  • Although the nicotine content of cigarettes varies widely, an average pack of cigarettes contains around 220 mg of nicotine. Of that, you’ll absorb about 30 mg when you smoke the cigarettes. That’s a bioavailability of roughly 13.6 percent. Compare that to the Geek Bar Pulse X, which contains 18 ml of vape juice with a nicotine strength of 50 mg/ml for a total nicotine content of 900 mg. If the bioavailability is the same as that of cigarettes, The Geek Bar Pulse X is roughly equal to about four packs.

Obviously, there’s a huge difference between four packs of cigarettes and 10 cartons. Most people find that, for them, a high-capacity Geek Bar lasts somewhere between those two extremes. You can definitely be certain that if you only use your Geek Bar when you would have normally smoked a cigarette, you can expect the device to last at least several days.

So, what’s the true price that you pay for a Geek Bar? Just divide the cost of the device by the number of days you use it. That’s the most important figure because it represents how much you pay each day to vape.

How to Make Geek Bar Vapes Last Longer

The Geek Bar Pulse X holds as much e-liquid as three full vape tanks.

In the previous section of this article, we mentioned the importance of using your Geek Bar only when you would have smoked a cigarette if you want to keep the effective price as low as it can possibly be. The reason why that’s so important is because a vape doesn’t naturally limit its own usage in the way that cigarettes do.

Think about the experience of smoking. You light a cigarette, and it eventually burns out. At that point, the session is over. You can easily track how much you smoke during the day because you can see how many how many cigarettes are remaining in the pack.

A vaping device doesn’t have those same features. A vaping session has no clear beginning or end, so people sometimes have difficulty knowing when they should put their devices down. Combine that with the fact that vaping tastes much better and lacks the harshness of smoking, and the end result is that many people end up vaping more often than they would have smoked. If you fall into that type of usage pattern, the effective price that you pay per Geek Bar will be higher than it needs to be because you’ll consume more nicotine than you actually require.

How do you make a Geek Bar last longer? The answer to that question is actually fairly simple: you should vape only when you would have previously smoked a cigarette. To do that, you should try to divide your vaping into separate sessions instead of keeping your device in your hand and using it constantly throughout the day. You know that a cigarette provides around 10 puffs in total, so you should try to vape in the same way. When you’re craving nicotine, puff on your Geek Bar 10 times and put it down for a while until you’re ready for another session. If you vape that way, you’ll find that your devices will last significantly longer. The effective daily price will be much lower as a result.

How to Save Even More on Geek Bar Vapes

The best way to get the lowest Geek Bar price is by buying your devices right here at We deal in very high quantities here, which ensures that no one can beat our prices. Reading this article, you’ve also learned that the best way to keep your effective daily costs as low as they can be is by monitoring your usage closely and making sure that you only use your Geek Bar when you actually need the nicotine and not just as a way to keep your hands and mouth busy.

Do you want to save even more? We’ve got you covered. All that you need to do is keep an eye on your email and watch the front page of this site. We often have flash sales and coupon codes – sometimes scheduled around holidays and other times just because we feel like it – that allow you to save even more money compared to our already-low everyday prices. Watch for those sales and be prepared to stock up when they happen.

Wrapping Up the Discussion on Geek Bar Prices

Reading this article, you’ve learned that there are two things you need to be concerned about if you’re curious about Geek Bar prices. There’s the price that you actually pay for the device, and there’s the average daily cost based on how long you use the device before it runs out of e-liquid. The second figure is even more important because how much you use your device has a tremendous influence on your effective daily vaping expenses. So, saving money is really a two-step process. Buy smart and vape smart, and you’ll keep your costs as low as they can be.