Disposable Vapes Pros Cons 2020

Disposable vapes experienced an unexpected resurgence in popularity in the United States in 2020 when the federal government issued a ban on flavored e-cigarette pods and cartridges in flavors other than menthol and tobacco. Although the ban covered e-cigarettes with pre-filled removable pods, it didn’t cover single-use disposable vape bars – which remained available in all flavors. So, after years of obscurity, disposable e-cigarettes were suddenly relevant again.

Disposable Vapes Pros Cons 2020

Today’s disposable vape bars or "puff bars" are not the cigarette-shaped disposable e-cigarettes that you used to see on the shelves at gas stations and convenience stores. If you ever tried one of those devices back in the early 2010s, you know how bad they often were. They usually came in just two flavors – tobacco and menthol, the same two flavors that all pre-filled pod systems now offer – and they weren’t nearly satisfying enough to be viable vaping options for real smokers.

Unlike the disposable e-cigarettes of the past, today’s disposable vape bars actually do what they claim: They deliver about as much nicotine per puff as tobacco cigarettes, which means that they deliver the true satisfaction that the disposable e-cigarettes of the past never could.

So, what are the pros and cons of disposable vapes – and what are the best puff bars on the market in 2020? Let’s dig in.

Disposable Vape Bars Aren’t Subject to Flavor Bans

If you love the tiny form factor of the mainstream e-cigarettes with pre-filled pods – and you’re not willing to use a larger refillable vaping device in order to experience vape juice flavors other than tobacco and menthol – then disposable vape bars are the only viable vaping options that you have.

The even better news is that today’s disposable vape bars are probably the best-tasting small vaping devices yet created. We’re not talking about the simple one-note flavors that small e-cigarettes had back in the day; these are the same rich, full vape juice flavors that you’d expect if you were buying premium e-liquid by the bottle. In fact, some of the world’s best-known e-liquid brands – like Twist E-Liquid – have contributed their famous flavors to the new generation of disposable puff bars.

Perfect Vaping Option for the Weekend or Social Smoker

Are you not a full-time smoker? Are you the type who doesn’t ever smoke at home but can’t resist lighting up at the bar or club during the weekend? Do you only smoke at work because it gives you the opportunity to take smoke breaks? If you’re a part-time smoker, a disposable puff bar is the perfect vaping option for you. Why would you even bother getting a vaping device with a rechargeable battery when you’re only going to use it a few times a week?

A disposable vape bar makes perfect sense for your situation. It comes out of the package ready to use, and there’s no battery charging or pod replacements to worry about. The best part is that, for a social smoker, a disposable vape can easily last weeks. It’s also the simplest and most convenient vaping option that exists.

Try Vaping Without the Commitment of a Full Vape Kit

Today’s smaller vaping devices – like pod vape kits – aren’t the expensive and cumbersome e-cigarette kits of the past. They’re small, discreet and very easy to use, and the best part is that many modern vape kits cost less than $20. The one thing that a full vape kit doesn’t give you, though, is the option to try vaping without making a commitment.

Suppose you’re not necessarily sure that you want to quit smoking and switch to vaping full time. Maybe you just want to get an idea of what vaping is like, and you want to spend as little as possible while doing it. A disposable puff bar gives you that option. For less than $10, you can find out what vaping is all about – and you can decide from there whether vaping is something you want to pursue further.

Expensive Option for Full-Time Vaping

Disposable vape bars are the cheapest e-cigarettes on the market, but that’s only true if you just buy one – or if you buy them only rarely. If you’re a full-time pack-a-day smoker interested in becoming a full-time vaper, you’re going to find that the cost of using a disposable e-cigarette every day really adds up quickly. If you’re looking to completely replace full-time smoking with vaping – and we certainly hope you will! – you’ll want to invest in a refillable vaping device as soon as possible because it’s a far less expensive way to vape.

What Are the Best Disposable Vapes of 2020?

Twist Disposable Vape Pen

Buy It Now: $10.95 (Pack of 2)

Twist E-Liquid – the maker of such popular vape juice brands as Lemon Twist – collaborated with fellow juice maker Off the Record to create the Twist Disposable Vape Pen, which is available in a wide array of delicious flavors and, at less than $5.50 per pen, is easily one of the cheapest vapes on the market.

The Twist disposable puff bar is filled with your favorite Twist vape juice flavors, including multiple variations of Twist’s classic lemonade flavor and the amazingly creative Pear Tobacco. One of the coolest things about this disposable vape, though, is the fact that Twist collaborated with Off the Record to create some great new e-liquid flavors that you won’t find anywhere else. Those new flavors include L.A.M.F., a sumptuous strawberry cheesecake vape juice complete with a buttery graham cracker crust.

Each Twist disposable vape contains 1 ml of vape juice with a nicotine strength of 5%.

Bang Bar Disposable Vape

Buy It Now: $6.95 or $10.95 (XL version)

With a selection including no less than 16 different flavors, it’s clear that the Bang Bar disposable vape is a product that really means business. You won’t find a disposable e-cigarette anywhere with a wider flavor selection – and more importantly, you won’t find another e-cigarette anywhere that expresses a more modern idea of what a great vape should taste like.

If you pay any attention to the world of e-liquid, you know that the flavor combination of fruit and menthol is definitely the hottest thing going in vape juice these days. Although it is perhaps fair to say that the American vape juice industry invented the concept of premium e-liquid, the trend of fruit and menthol didn’t evolve here – it’s a product of Malaysia’s incredibly rich vaping scene.

Wait – you didn’t know that Malaysia was one of the world’s biggest vaping markets? Well, you do now, and the first thing you need to know about Malaysian e-liquid is that Malaysians love vape juices with fruit and menthol. Brands like Nasty Juice have inspired e-liquid makers around the world with their icy and fruity blends, and Bang Bar gives you that authentic Malaysian-style vaping experience in a disposable puff bar.

Each Bang Bar disposable vape contains 1.3 ml of vape juice with a nicotine strength of 5%.

Each Bang Bar XL disposable vape contains 2.0 ml of vape juice with a nicotine strength of 6%.

Drip Bar Disposable Vape

Buy It Now: $8.95

Drip Bar may not be the disposable vape with the world’s biggest flavor selection, but what flavors they are! One puff of Drip Bar’s Melon Peach Ring flavor will make you a convert for life; we can guarantee that. As for the Mango flavor – well, let’s just say that if you’re currently using a particular brand of pre-filled pod vaping system and are missing the mango flavor that’s now banned, you won’t be missing it much longer if you grab a mango Drip Bar.

Drip Bar might cost a little more than some of the other disposable e-cigarette brands, but don’t forget to look closely at the specifications when comparing one brand with the others. You’ll see that Drip Bar contains more e-liquid than most of the others, and that extra vape juice translates to savings that really add up.

Each Drip Bar disposable vape contains 1.6 ml of vape juice with a nicotine strength of 5%.

Oro Disposable Vape Pen

Buy It Now: $7.95

If you’re looking for a disposable vape that really gives you that puff bar feeling in the hand and mouth, you’re really going to love the Oro disposable vape pen. This device has exactly the same form factor as the well-known pod vaping system that recently lost its flavor selection, and if you’re a user of that device, you’re going to love the familiar rectangular shape of the Oro vape pen.

Oro is also no slouch in the flavor department – and yes, Oro does have a mango flavor available. With this device, though, the Mango flavor has a tropical twist – a hint of sweet lychee – that ups the level of sweetness a bit and really gives this product a character all its own. We highly recommend trying the Orange Soda flavor as well; you won’t find another vape juice anywhere that’s quite like it.

Each Oro disposable vape contains 1.3 ml of vape juice with a nicotine strength of 5%.

The Slushy Disposable Vape Pen

Buy It Now: $9.95

Even if you’re just testing the waters with vaping and aren’t ready to commit to it full time, that’s no reason to ignore value for money completely when you’re deciding which product to buy. Remember how we just said that you should always look closely at the specifications when comparing different disposable puff bars? Well, The Slushy takes the crown when it comes to delivering maximum value. With 3.0 ml of e-liquid per vape pen, one The Slushy contains more vape juice than a four-pack of pods from that other brand.

We suggest trying the Banana Ice flavor for a chilly and fruity vaping experience that you won’t find anywhere else.

Each The Slushy disposable vape contains 3.0 ml of vape juice with a nicotine strength of 5%.

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