Best Menthol E-Liquids 2020

There is no experience quite like that of inhaling the vapor of an ice-cold menthol e-liquid. Menthol is incredibly refreshing. It’s great on a hot summer day. It’s also a wonderful flavor enhancer for an e-liquid with a flavor profile intended to taste like something you’d normally consume cold, like a fruit smoothie.

Best Menthol E-Liquids 2020

Former menthol cigarette smokers who have switched to vaping have known for years that switching from menthol cigarettes to menthol e-liquid is an absolutely wonderful experience. If you haven’t tried a menthol vape juice yourself, though, now is the time to try. Today’s e-liquid makers are doing great things with menthol as a flavoring agent, and you’re going to find that exploring the best menthol e-juices will add an exciting new dimension to your vaping experience.

In this article, we’re going to describe the best menthol vape juices on the market today. First, though, here’s our quick pick if you just want to know the single most essential menthol vape juice on the market. After that, we’ll explain what makes menthol e-liquid so popular in the first place. Let’s begin!

The One Menthol E-Liquid You Need to Try Right Now

Strawberry Pom Naked 100

If you’re not sure about menthol vape juice and just want to know the one most essential product that you should try right now, the one vape juice that you need to buy is Strawberry Pom by Naked 100. This e-liquid is our most popular menthol vape juice, and it’s a perfect example of the incredible things that today’s mixologists are doing to utilize menthol to its fullest potential as a flavoring agent.

In Strawberry Pom, the menthol isn’t the primary flavor. Instead, it floats over the top of a delicious trio of fruits to create a wonderful icy finish that’ll never fail to keep you coming back. The main flavor notes in this e-liquid are ripe strawberry, juicy pomegranate and slightly tart kiwi. If any vape juice truly replicates the experience of drinking a refreshing fruit smoothie, this is the one.

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What’s So Great About Menthol E-Liquids?

  • Former menthol cigarette smokers love menthol e-liquids because they provide the coolness of the menthol without the harshness of the smoke. Most people don’t smoke menthol cigarettes because they like the combination of menthol and smoke; they like the fact that the menthol covers the smoke. As soon as a new vaper realizes that he or she can have the menthol without the smoke, they’re sold.
  • You can create incredible flavor profiles with menthol. You can add a bit of menthol to an ice cream e-liquid for an extra dose of realism. A little menthol in a beverage e-liquid creates an experience that tastes like drinking the beverage on ice.
  • A menthol e-liquid can be much, much colder than any menthol cigarette. These days, e-liquid makers are combining menthol with alternative cooling agents like Koolada to create ultra-cold vape juices that no cigarette could ever match. If you’re a menthol smoker who likes your cigarettes as cold as possible, there is no question that you will love menthol e-liquid even more.

Without further ado, we present our list of the best menthol e-liquids of 2020.

Reds Iced Apple by 7 Daze

Reds Iced Apple 7 Daze

With the original Reds vape juice, 7 Daze already had the best apple vape juice on the market without a doubt. When they added menthol to create Reds Iced Apple, though, they brought an already successful vape juice to an entirely new dimension of flavor.

If you haven’t heard of the original Reds vape juice, its claim to fame is that it is quite simply the most realistic apple juice e-liquid on the market. That alone was enough to catapult 7 Daze to the top of the e-liquid industry, and our take is that Reds Iced Apple might be even better. After all, how do you normally drink apple juice? You drink it out of the refrigerator, right? In Reds Iced Apple, a light touch of menthol gives you that authentic fresh-from-the-fridge experience.

Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum on Ice by Drip More

Here’s another e-liquid providing a spectacular variation on a vape juice that’s already an undisputed classic. Without a doubt, the original Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum by Drip More is our most popular candy vape juice. With hundreds upon hundreds of five-star customer reviews, there is absolutely no doubt that Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum is a safe buy. You’ve always loved those pink-and-green cubes in the checkout lane at the supermarket, and vapers across the world will tell you that Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum recreates that experience flawlessly.

Once you’ve created the perfect e-liquid flavor profile, what do you do with it? If you’re an astute vape juice company, it’s time to make some variations and capture even more business. You might not want to chomp on a piece of real bubblegum out of the freezer, but the beauty of e-liquid is that there are no limits except your imagination. Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum on Ice by Drip More takes a flavor that’s already perfect and adds a blast of chilly menthol to make the experience even more refreshing.

Grape Drank on Ice by Ruthless

Although you’ve probably graduated to more mature beverages by now, there is nothing quite the memories of those cheap sodas and juices that you used to buy with your spare change when you were a kid. Grape soda, anyone? Yeah, we loved it too – and Grape Drank on Ice by Ruthless is the go-to vape juice if you’re looking for something that can recreate that experience in vapor form. It tastes just like cracking open an ice-cold can of grape soda straight out of the vending machine.

Island Man Iced by One Hit Wonder

Island Man Iced One Hit Wonder

More than any other vape juice brand, we would probably give One Hit Wonder most of the credit for starting the modern trend favoring sweet flavor profiles. One Hit Wonder was one of the first out of the gate with sweet vape juices like Muffin Man, and seemingly overnight, the whole vaping industry went sweet. Once you’ve successfully started a new trend and taken it as far as it can do, what do you do next? If you’re One Hit Wonder, that means it’s time to start a completely new trend!

Island Man Iced by One Hit Wonder is all of your favorite fantasies of a vacation to a tropical island in one bottle. You want to have that quintessential vacation experience of sitting on the beach and drinking a frosty, fruity concoction out of a pineapple shell? That’s exactly what you’ll enjoy when you vape this juice. Cold menthol provides the perfect finish for a blend of fruity pineapple, kiwi, strawberry and orange blend. You won’t find a more refreshing or satisfying fruit punch e-liquid anywhere.

Blue Raspberry Ice by Kilo Sour Series

The one type of flavor that isn’t represented nearly as well as it should be in the e-liquid world is sour. That’s because creating a sour vape juice is one of the most difficult tricks to perform in the world of vaping. If you make an e-liquid that’s too sour, it irritates the throat. If the e-liquid isn’t sour enough, though, why even bother? Blue Raspberry Ice by Kilo Sour Series gets the balance absolutely right and is another masterpiece in Kilo’s long-running string of successful vape juices.

Just about everyone loves blue raspberry. With all of the different fruity flavors available in the e-liquid world today, blue raspberry consistently comes out at or near the top in surveys – and if you’ve ever enjoyed a refreshing blue raspberry slush from your local convenience store, that’s exactly the type of flavor that you’re going to experience with this e-liquid. It’s an unqualified success.

Strawberry Banana Dragonfruit Ice by Humble Juice Co.

In a list of e-liquids that taste almost like real fruit smoothies served on ice, there’s no way that we can avoid mentioning a strawberry-banana vape juice. Is there any fruit combination in the entire smoothie world more perfectly satisfying than strawberry and banana? Banana becomes incredibly smooth – almost like ice cream – when it’s blended, and it lends a wonderful sweetness that helps to temper the edges of tart fruits. Put simply, strawberry and banana combine to make absolutely the quintessential flavor combination for a fruit smoothie, and that’s exactly the experience that Strawberry Banana Dragonfruit Ice by Humble Juice Co. delivers in vapor form.

Cran Apple Juice Iced by Loaded

We conclude our list of the best menthol e-liquids with a vape juice capturing the flavor of an all-time supermarket classic. Wandering down the juice aisle at your local market, you’ve surely seen the assortment of cranberry juice cocktails. Cran-pomegranate, cran-grape, cran-apple – well, Cran Apple Juice Iced by Loaded captures everyone’s favorite of those flavors, and it does so with plenty of style and a perfectly satisfying menthol finish. We can’t think of a tastier way to end a long day.

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