Best Ice Vape Juice 2020

Menthol is one of the world’s most fun chemical compounds. It stimulates the body’s cold receptors even though it isn’t actually cold. Menthol is typically extracted from peppermint, and it’s the reason why things like toothpaste, breath spray and minty snacks leave the mouth feeling cool and fresh despite the fact that they don’t actually alter your temperature at all.

Best Ice Vape Juice 2020

Menthol is also incredibly popular as a flavoring agent, and that’s evidenced in the wide variety of menthol vape juice that we carry here at Vape Juice. In addition, the best thing about menthol e-liquid is that the vape juice makers of the world are using menthol more creatively than ever these days. In the early days of vaping, menthol e-liquid came in two forms: Menthol-tobacco and menthol-mint.

These days, though, vape juice companies are infusing their e-liquids with small amounts of menthol – or other cooling agents like Koolada – to add iciness to their e-juices without significantly changing their flavors. That technique has given rise to vape juices with flavors resembling ice creams, frozen slushes and more.

If you’ve never tried the new generation of fruit-and-ice vape juices, you’re in for a real treat because menthol e-liquid has never been better than it is right now. If you didn’t like the early generation of menthol-and-tobacco vape juices, you may think that you aren’t a fan of menthol e-liquid – but that’s only because you haven’t tried what’s available today.

These are the most delicious ice vape juices for summer.

Strawberry Pom by Naked 100

Strawberry Pom Naked 100 Best Ice Vape Juice

There are a few e-liquids that were destined to become all-time classics almost from the moment they were released, and Strawberry Pom by Naked 100 – formerly known as Brain Freeze – is definitely one of them. Almost all of the most popular fruity vape juices blend sweet and sour notes because that’s the best way to keep the palate interested all day. Without a tart note, an e-liquid would taste overly sweet and would end up being cloying. Strawberry Pom avoids that issue by blending a sweet and juicy strawberry base with a delicious hint of tart pomegranate.

Although the fruity opening is undoubtedly the first thing you’ll notice when you try Strawberry Pom, there’s also an additional flavor element that you’ll barely notice at all: the menthol. Strawberry Pom uses just a hint of menthol to create a sensation of coolness in the mouth and throat – almost like you’re drinking a fruity cocktail straight out of the refrigerator – without significantly altering the e-liquid’s base flavor profile. There’s a reason why Naked 100 has been one of the world’s most popular e-liquid brands for so many years, and Strawberry Pom has a great deal to do with it.

Reds Apple Iced by 7 Daze

Reds Iced 7 Daze Best Ice Vape Juice

Speaking of classic e-liquids that transformed the vaping industry, no list of the best vape juice on the market would be complete without a mention of the stone-cold classic that is Reds by 7 Daze. Apple has always been one of the most popular fruity e-liquid flavors, but it wasn’t until the original Reds vape juice was released that anyone had experienced an apple e-liquid done really well. There were plenty of e-liquids that tasted a bit like green apple, but the sweeter flavor of red apple had no vapor equivalent. Reds tasted like a big gulp of freshly pressed apple juice, and it instantly changed everything. Right away, Reds became such a major hit that vape shops couldn’t keep it on the shelves. It turned the manufacturer 7 Daze into a real industry behemoth, and they went on to create an entire line of apple-themed e-liquids in both freebase and nicotine salt forms. Reds Apple Iced by 7 Daze is one of those e-liquids.

If the original Reds by 7 Daze tasted exactly like drinking a glass of apple juice, then Reds Apple Iced tastes like drinking that same apple juice after it’s been chilled for a while in the refrigerator. Like the Strawberry Pom e-liquid mentioned above, this is a truly modern ice vape juice in that just enough menthol is added to provide a cooling sensation without altering the flavor of the e-liquid. You’ll get the refreshment, but you won’t taste the strong minty flavor that sometimes turns people off from menthol e-liquids. This is another great one to try if you think you’re not a fan of menthol vape juice.

Island Man Iced by One Hit Wonder

Island Man Iced One Hit Wonder Best Ice Vape Juice

If you love the taste of fruit punch and have never been able to find an e-liquid capturing that flavor, you’ve got to try Island Man Iced by One Hit Wonder. The famous brands of fruit punch that you can buy in the supermarket actually contain fairly complex blends of fruit juices and flavors. As you might expect, the exact blends are proprietary and therefore aren’t easy to copy – so the vape juice makers of the world are left to rely on their palates and expertise. Island Man Iced is one of the few e-liquids that really gets it right with notes of cherry, orange, pineapple, kiwi, watermelon and strawberry. Needless to say, this is a delightfully complex blend that you won’t want to put down.

Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum on Ice by Drip More

Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum on Ice Drip More

For the next vape juice on our list, we move from a legend of the Malaysian e-liquid scene to a true American Classic. Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum on Ice by Drip More is the menthol version of the most popular candy vape juice here at Vape Juice. How popular is Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum? It’s so legendary that it has nearly twice as many customer reviews as the next most popular candy vape juice. That’s a whole lot of bottles flowing out of our warehouse every day.

So, what is it that makes this e-liquid such a perfect ice vape juice for summer? Well, if you’re a person of a certain age, it’s likely that you remember the bi-colored bubblegum craze from a few decades ago. All at once, seemingly all of the world’s chewing gum makers released gums with stripes, layers and rolls of various flavors. Of those, the most popular product was definitely the strawberry-and-watermelon gum that was green on the outside and red in the middle. You can still buy that gum today, and Drip More has recreated that flavor perfectly in vapor form. The great part is that, with e-liquid, the flavor never disappears – and the even better part is that the blast of chilly menthol in this e-liquid makes your favorite candy flavor even more refreshing.

Iced Pink Punch by Lemon Twist

Iced Pink Punch Lemon Twist

What’s the other quintessential beverage of summer? It’s lemonade, of course! Sour beverages have a certain magic that somehow makes them seem even more refreshing than other drinks. On those really hot, muggy days, there are times when it feels like nothing but a tall, icy glass of lemonade can fully quench your thirst.

Iced Pink Punch by Lemon Twist is a lemonade vape juice, obviously, but since we’re talking about Lemon Twist, you know this e-liquid is going to have something special that sets it apart from the pack. Lemon Twist is an e-liquid label specializing solely in lemon e-liquids, and you know that they’re not going to do anything ordinary. This vape juice begins with a perfectly sweet and sour lemonade base – naturally – but it spices things up with some delightfully complex berry notes to create that perfect pink lemonade flavor profile. A bit of menthol completes the experience and delivers supreme refreshment that lasts all day.

Frzn Chee by BLVK Unicorn

Frzn Chee BLVK Unicorn

Many of the e-liquids presented in this list of the best ice vape juices for summer have blended sweet and sour notes for serious thirst-quenching refreshment. There are some days, though, when a vape juice with a sour edge isn’t quite what you want. Sometimes, what you really want is something that delivers an experience more like that of enjoying a frozen dessert. That’s what you’ll get with Frzn Chee by BLVK Unicorn.

If you haven’t been fortunate enough to visit a tropical locale like the Hawaiian Islands, it’s possible that you haven’t had an opportunity to experience the completely unique flavor of lychee. Lychee doesn’t travel very well, so it’s rare to find it offered for sale far from the places in which it’s grown. When you finally do try lychee, the next thing you’ll discover is that it isn’t always easy to eat the strange, hairy fruit. You need to use a paring knife to slice gently through the skin without piercing the fruit, and then you discover that there isn’t actually much fruit because most of what’s inside the skin is the very large seed. Sounds like a lot of work, right? That’s why fruit juice is one of the most popular uses for lychee; it’s a great addition to fruit punch. Nothing in the world tastes quite like lychee, and no vape juice captures that flavor quite as well as Frzn Chee.