Best Airport Smoking Lounges US

One of the greatest things about vaping is the fact that e-liquid comes in so many different nicotine strengths. You can dial down your nicotine intake at your own pace and ultimately reach a point where you’re using far less nicotine per day than you would if you were still smoking.

The fact that you’re not using a lot of nicotine, though, is little consolation if you happen to be waiting at an airport to catch a flight, and you’re one of those people for whom nicotine gum or lozenges simply won’t cut it. Whether you use a lot of nicotine or a little, cravings are no joke.

Best Airport Smoking Lounges US

For anyone who vapes or smokes, flying these days isn’t what it used to be. For one thing, the days of anyone being able to vape where smoking isn’t allowed are long gone. If you can’t smoke in a given place, chances are that you can’t vape either. In addition to that, airports across America are looking for excuses to close their airside smoking lounges – and for many airports, the COVID-19 pandemic provided the perfect reason to remove that perk because you can’t very well smoke while wearing a mask, and it’s very difficult to enforce social distancing rules in a smoking area anyway.

With all of those things being said, there are still some airports that provide airside smoking lounges for those who care to use them, and a few airports even go the extra mile to ensure that visiting smokers find their time as enjoyable as it can be. If you’re a frequent traveler and often spend time at airports waiting for connecting flights, you might want to prioritize these airports because they are home to the best airport smoking lounges in the United States.

An Important Note About Airport Smoking Lounges in the United States

Our research suggests that, in the United States at least, airport smoking lounges are definitely a dying breed. At most airports, the most that you can expect to find is an enclosed outdoor smoking area with a few ashtrays and perhaps some benches. In fact, there are very few truly nice airport smoking lounges left in the United States, and they may close without notice.

Smokin’ Bear Lodge at Denver International Airport, for example, was one of the best airport smoking lounges in the United States until it closed unexpectedly in 2018. The reason? Denver International wanted to eliminate all smoking areas on the premises and chose not to renew the lounge’s lease.

The information in this article is correct at the time of writing to the best of our knowledge – but be warned that airports generally do not advertise their smoking facilities and may close those facilities at any time. Also note that some smoking lounges are temporarily closed in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

1. Barney’s Lounge – McCarran International Airport (LAS)

Barneys Airport Smoking Lounge Las Vegas

If you vape or smoke, McCarran International Airport is definitely a location that you’ll want to visit if you’re unable to find a non-stop flight to your chosen travel destination. LAS has no less than two indoor lounges that allow smoking and vaping, and that’s in addition to the airport’s several enclosed gaming areas in which you can also vape. Barney’s offers a decent menu of snacks and drinks. You’ll also find ample TVs and power outlets for charging your devices. Our research suggests that Barney’s has no cover charge, although you will most likely be expected to buy something if you’d like to use the lounge’s smoking facilities. Because this is Las Vegas we’re talking about, you’ll also have an opportunity to try your luck at the lounge’s slot machine if you wish.

Image Credit: Yelp

2. Graycliff Cigar Company – Nashville International Airport (BNA)

Graycliff Airport Smoking Lounge Nashville

If your travels happen to take you through the country music capital of the world, you’d better believe that you’re not going to have too much trouble finding an area where you can smoke or vape at Nashville International Airport. You’ll pay a cover charge of $8 to enter Graycliff, but you’ll enjoy complimentary seating and free coffee while using the lounge. The lounge pass is good for the full day. Graycliff waives the cover charge for veterans and active military. Graycliff sells a selection of cigars, cigarettes and other products. Lighters are provided. Graycliff is a chain and also offers a well-known smoking lounge at Nassau’s international airport for USA-bound flyers. While the Nassau Graycliff location has a fairly high entry charge of $35, the charge includes access to the lounge’s buffet.

Image Credit: Fly Nashville, Graycliff

3. Four Smoking Lounges – Dulles International Airport (IAD)

Dulles Airport Smoking Lounge

The smoking lounges at Dulles International Airport don’t offer anything special apart from comfortable seating and good ventilation. Dulles stands alone, however, as one of the friendliest airports in the United States for vapers and smokers. IAD has a convenient layout, with four smoking lounges within convenient walking distance of the airport’s four concourses.

Image Credit: Fly Dulles

4. TGI Friday’s – Miami International Airport (MIA)

TGI Fridays Airport Smoking Lounge Miami

In addition to several smoking areas located outside the terminals, Miami International Airport has an outdoor smoking patio at the TGI Friday’s restaurant. While you are expected to make a purchase in order to utilize the smoking area, this location offers the full TGI Friday’s menu of food, beer, cocktails and more.

Image Credit: Shop Miami Airport

5. Outdoor Smoking Patio – Key West International Airport (EYW)

Key West International Airport Smoking Lounge

The outdoor patio at Key West International Airport is truly one of the best airport smoking lounges in the United States because it doesn’t have an entrance fee and because it’s one of the only airport smoking areas that truly seems like it was provided not just out of a sense of obligation, but also out of a real desire to ensure that smokers find their time at the airport pleasant and comfortable. The outdoor smoking patio at EYW features ample airflow, a sandy seating area, umbrellas, sun shades and a pretty waterfall.

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