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The Suorin Drop starter kit has arrived here on shelves at Vape Juice and this starter kit is one of the best on the market! If you like a quick hit and go or love nicotine salts then this vape pod is for you!

The Suorin Drop features an automatic firing system when inhaled. This way you do not have to worry about firing on your pocket! Also, the Drop fires at a 13 watt maximum output which allows for discreet vaping in public places.

The Suorin Drop is meant to use with nicotine salts which are liquids with high strength nicotine levels. The cartridge has a 2ML capacity which will last at least a full day when used with nicotine salts!

If you are looking to go down the disposable route when it comes to Vape Pods, the Drip Bar is the best option.

When it comes to battery life the Sourin Drop has an integrated an internal 310 mAh battery that will last you all day! It is rechargeable via micro usb port and the Sourin Drop even comes with a micro usb cord!

Vape Juice carries the Sourin Drop Ultra Portable System in multiple colors and even sells the replacement cartridges. Get your perfect on the go vape pod now!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I take apart my Suorin Drop Starter Kit?

A: Simply just pull the Suorin Drop Cartridge out of the body! It is as easy as that!


Q: How do I fill my Suorin Drop

A: Underneath the Suorin Drop Cartridge is a rubber plug that you can pull out. Insert the nicotine salts through the hole and replace the rubber plug.


Q: Where can I buy a Suorin Drop?

A: Vape Juice is a great place! We have all colors available and tons of replacement cartridges for you!


Q: How long do Suorin Drop Pods last?

A: Each replacement cartridge will last you anywhere from one week to two weeks long.


Q: How to fix my Suorin Drop from not hitting?

A: Make sure that you are fully charged as well as make sure that your Suorin Drop Cartridge is fully inserted into the body.


Q: How to clean a Suorin Drop?

A: Suorin Drop’s do not need cleaning due to the fact that the cartridges are replaceable. Beside exterior looks, you are good to go!


Q: How do I use my Suorin Drop?

A: First, fill your Suorin Drop Cartridge through the bottom holes. Then, plug in your cartridge into the body, make sure that it is charged, and then you are good to go!


Q: How do I take apart my Suorin Drop?

A: All you have to do is pull out your Suorin Drop Replaceable Cartridge.


Q: What is a Suorin Drop kit?

A: A Suorin Drop is a handheld portable nicotine salt device that provides amazing mouth to lung experiences. It uses replaceable and refillable cartridges that are installed by plug and play.


Q: Why is my Suorin Drop blinking blue?

A: This means that your cartridge is not fully plugged in or it has a dead battery. Press down on the mouthpiece to make sure that your cartridge is fully inserted into the Drop.


Q: Why does my Suorin Drop taste burnt?

A: Your cartridge is burnt and needs to replaced!


Q: How do I know when my Suorin Drop is fully charged?

A: When it is plugged in via Micro USB, the blinking blue light will turn into a solid blue light. This indicates that the battery is full.


  • Fires When Inhaled
  • 13 Watt Output
  • 2ML Juice Capacity
  • Internal 310 mAh Battery
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United States United States
Sourin pod is great!


United States United States
Great to have

Great to have small practical and good price

United States United States
Sourin drop kit

Awesome price and delivered very quick!

Chi P.
United States United States

Decent just don’t drop it... pods leak after a few refills... you’ll have to clean it once in awhile...

Alex G.
New Zealand
Best little vape

Had 6 of these units so far, they are a great little unit. While I have had two die on me, it was after a lot of use. They are cheap enough that you don’t worry either. They don’t make clouds so it’s easy to stealth vape in public and snuggle into the palm of your hand. Great unit at a good price.

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