Wismec Box Mods

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Wismec is by far one of the most, if not the most, premium hardware brands that we carry in stock.  They have created countless mods that are now household names across the vape industry. Wisemac it a technologically advanced company that focuses on using innovative ways to improve every new product they release. Wisemac gained legendary status when they first dropped their Reseaux 200 Mod. That mod alone single-handedly took over the vaping game. Following the Reuleaux 200, Wisemac made a whole RX series. Each mod in the line follows the same themes but have different features. Wisemac has made other top-selling hardware too such as tanks, RDA’s, & RBA’s. To no surprise, they are all sturdy pieces of equipment that do their jobs with perfection. Overall if you are looking for a new device to get you vaping strong go with Wisemac.

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