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Vape on some Twerps and treat your taste buds to something different.

What is Twerps?

OKAMI Brand is a name that in recent years really began their ascent on the proverbial ladder that is the vape juice industry. Based out of Las Vegas, NV and dominating the market with a massive collection of ingenious and progressive vaping products, OKAMI Brand has set themselves apart from the pack with their e liquids. One of their lesser known brands that was actually one of their first ever released e juice collections, Twerps is a delightful menu of unique flavors that will have you crawling back for more after just one rip.

Where can I buy Twerps vape juice blends?

At we currently carry one flavor from Twerps, the Supernova Squirt recipe that comes packaged in a 100ml chubby gorilla squeeze bottle and you can order yours here with 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg of nicotine. Supernova Squirt is actually a collaborative effort between OKAMI Brand and Mishka leading it to be one of their only limited edition blends.

What do Twerps vape juice flavors taste like?

The Supernova Squirt mix is a distinct fusion of southern iced tea infused with sweet Georgia peaches and a dash of tangy raspberry to give a sweet and sour effect. The inhale will have your tongue buried under an ocean of soft peaches and bold tea notes. From the exhale comes a tart burst of raspberries while a soothing peach tea aroma fills your nose. Even the aftertaste will leave your mouth with a swirling peach and raspberry tea flavor that makes you yearn for more.

Is Twerps a top shelf collection?

OKAMI Brand utilizes the highest-grade of ingredients available to produce the Twerps series within a contaminant free ISO-certified facility to that every batch provides the best flavor with a sterile and hygienic formula developed by professionals.

When you need something out of the ordinary to shake up your weekly rotation of vape juice flavors, browse the OKAMI Brand and Twerps menu to find something delectable that can replace your current all day vape and get you on to bigger and better flavors.

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