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Find a tart new all day vape from Tartz E Liquid.

What is Tartz E Liquid?

Air Factory E Liquid is a brand that for years dominated the vape juice industry with their insatiable collection of premium quality e juices and became a staple of the community for pushing flavors into much needed territories. With a huge array of commercially successful e liquids, Air Factory continues to develop mouth watering e juice flavors with impeccable quality that shake the very foundation of your taste buds with a single inhale. One of their most recent ventures outside of their original collection of flavors, the Tartz E Liquid series of fruit and candy inspired e juices is quickly gaining steam and garnering attention as vapers everywhere clamor to get their hands on some.

Where can I buy Tartz E Liquid flavors?

The Tartz E Liquid menu is currently comprised of two delectable flavors: Grape and Strawberry, both of which come packaged in 100ml chubby gorilla squeeze bottles and are available to order here at VapeJuice.com in varying nicotine concentration levels of 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg to suit your preferences. Both flavors are produced using a standard solution of 70% VG and 30% PG meaning every hit will give you a massive amount of flavor followed by dense and thick clouds on the exhale.

What do Tartz E Liquid vape juice flavors taste like?

The Grape flavor captures a tangy explosion of sour grape hard candy notes with a sweet and soothing treat of sweeter grape candy tastes on the exhale for a mouth-watering punch of flavor. Strawberry provides a classic strawberry candy treat with a tart burst of sour strawberry tastes from inhale to exhale. If candy is your desire, give the Tartz Grape and Tartz Strawberry flavors a go and treat your tongue to a wake up call. 

Is Tartz E Liquid a premium quality brand?

Air Factory E Liquid is a reputable brand that for years has only delivered quality goods with their products. The Tartz E Liquid series is no different and has been developed using the highest grade of USP approved ingredients to ensure a pure tasting experience from start to finish. Every batch of Tartz E Liquid is manufactured in a sterile and contaminant free, medical grade ISO-certified facility where professionals follow industry standard safety regulations to guarantee a hygienic product comes in each bottle.

If you are looking for something tantalizing to vape on that packs a punch, Tartz E liquid has just the vape juice flavors you are looking for.

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