SX YiHi Box Mod

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SXmini was engineered and designed for professional and experienced vapers. The device is powered by the YiHiEcigar SX350 Mini processor which provides intelligent power regulation. The devices are small but potent and extremely technologically advanced. Sx Yihi features the SXmini ML Class. The ML class is a regulated box mod with temperature control capabilities. It has a maximum output of 60 watts on variable wattage mode and a max out of 50 joules on temperature control mode. What really makes this petite box mod stand out is the brilliant SX 350 J chip that can handle sub 0.2 ohms! The ML class was engineered to be utilized on three different modes depending on the user’s preference. The three modes are soft, standard and powerful which users can toggle through and choose which best suits them. These modes are optional to the user. SX Yihi also features the SXmini S-class. Be sure to keep an eye out for the release of the new SXmini ML Class!

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