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This company is Superb!

Formally known as Royal Bishop, Superb has rebranded themselves but kept the same perfect flavors from before. Superb has always been carried here at VapeJuice.com and they are one of the most reliable brands out of them all.

From the second that these guys debuted their original e juice flavors, they were a huge hit. Fast forward a year and now this company has their premium vape juice flavors carried in vape shops across the entire world. They are a fan favorite here at VapeJuice.com and both our customers and employees vape their flavors non stop.

One thing that we really like about Superb is their merchandise and their bottle design. Their flavors come in well designed boxes that are very appealing to eye and they also have an awesome looking brand logo.

One of the favorites from Superb is Applemelon. Applemelon has the delicious flavor profile of fresh sliced apples paired together with ripe watermelon. They have executed this flavor profile perfectly so that the flavors not only blend together nicely but they also complement one another. From inhale to exhale your taste palate is swarmed with delectable fruit flavoring.

If you are looking for a reliable brand to try out then we would suggest Superb. They are also releasing new premium e liquid flavors are all of their sauce is manufactured and produced in a state of the art clean lab with the highest quality ingredients possible.