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Here at Vape Juice we carry only the finest e liquid. We have a wide selection of vape juice that weigh ins at over five hundred different options. One of the tastier e cig juice brands is Stratus Fine Vapor. They have been around since 2015 and ever since their debut they have been producing some of the most flavor sauces we have tried. Our coworkers really love one of the juices called Surge. Surge has the flavor profile of Vanilla Cake with Strawberry. The second that you inhale this e liquid is the moment you fall in love. When you exhale Surge, it leaves an everlasting impression on the tip of your tongue. They also have other flavors with profiles such as oatmeal cookie with Toffee and even a fruit cereal flavor! If you are a dessert lover than Stratus Fine Vapor e juice brand is the way to go for you! Everyone here at Vape Juice highly suggests this e liquid brand. Also, if you like juices that you can all day vape then you have come to the right place. Come swing by the Empire and switch up your vape juice game with some Stratus Fine Vapor!

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