SMOK TFV4 Replacement Coils

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The SMOK TFV4 coils are some of the most innovative and technologically advanced coil heads in the vaping industry. They are comprised by four different series within the “TFV4 Big Family”. Each series has its own particular function for the coils themselves. The “Cloud Chasing Series” is composed of the TF-T3, TF-Q4, and the TF-S6. These three coils were engineered to produce maximal cloud output. The “Temperature Control Series” is composed of the TF-N2 Air, TF-Ti, and the TF-STC2. These coils were made to be used with temperature control mods that have the capability of sensing temperature, eliminating the possibility of having a burnt taste when vaping. The “Low Wattage & Clapton Series” features the TF-T2, TF-T2 Air and the TF-CLP2 coil heads. All engineered to be utilized at low wattage and higher resistance, these coils produce great flavor and cooler vapor. The “RBA Series” is composed of three different rebuildable coil heads for those who enjoy doing their own builds. These coils give people the option to build their own coil head for a tank rather than a dripper. The three coils featured are the TF-R1, TF-R2 and the TF-RCA. The TFV4 Big Family have coil heads for every person’s preference of vaping and SMOK’s innovative and technologically advanced designs make them a pioneer in the sub ohm tank and vaping industry.

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