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Treat your taste buds to something creamy and delectable with SHRBRT E Liquid.

What is SHRBRT E Liquid?

SHRBRT E Liquid is one of the newer vape juice brands that we carry in house here at and the decision to carry them was a great one. SHRBRT E Liquid is a fresh new company that has quickly risen towards the top to make a name for themselves. From the moment that their flavors hit our websites, it was madness! It seems like every order we received contained a SHRBRT E Liquid flavor!

What are the most popular SHRBRT E Liquid flavors?

The main flavor from this brand is called SHRBRT. It takes on the delicious flavor profile of rainbow sherbert. The inhale and exhale produces non stop awesome flavor that keeps you coming back for more every time. One thing that we really like about this flavor is that it tastes exactly like the real thing. All too often you will find premium vape juice with flavor profiles that taste nothing like the actual real thing. It is extremely rare to find a liquid that maintains the flavor of the real dessert.

Is SHRBRT E Liquid known for other products?

Other great flavor lines from this brand to check out are Rounds E Liquid and Cones E Liquid. Both of them contain amazing flavors and have some all day vapes in them as well.

Where can I buy SHRBRT E Liquid blends?

Here at we currently offer the SHRBRT E Liquid flavors in 100ml gorilla style squeeze bottles with nicotine concentration options of 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg to meet your vaping preferences.

If you are looking for a summertime flavor that has a never fading flavor profile then SHRBRT E Liquid is your brand to go too.

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