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Rockt Punch

Are you ready for a punch full of flavor? Because that is exactly what Rockt Punch brings to the table with their lineup of premium e juice flavors. With flavors profiles from menthol, to a dessert such as Shortcake, to even unique blends like melon and milk, Rockt Punch has been able to do it all year upon year.

Started in 2015 by a company called Okami Brand, Rockt Punch quickly became popular not only because of its enjoyable profiles but also because of the appealing and unique bottle designs. Flavors such as Shortcake Stunner bring a strawberry shortcake flavor profile to life, bursting with delectable flavors through each vape hit.

On the other hand, unique e juices such as Melon Milk Crusher offer a creamy melon flavor sensation that is made to perfection from the mixologists over at Okami Brand which comes to no surprise. You can find Okami Brand at almost every Vape Expo around the world, passing out their swag apparel, and presenting the world with some of the best selling e juice flavors ever seen.

Rockt Punch has been filed for when it comes to the dreaded PMTA so Okami Brand has blessed us with being able to enjoy their famous flavors such as Island Ice Cannon and others for years to come.

Vape Juice recommends Rockt Punch to all vapers who have not tried this brand’s products yet. The sheer amount of talent that is spun into these flavors is too much to pass up on.

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