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Pop Clouds E Liquid is a premium e juice brand that has created a bunch of flavors that all follow a specific theme. There aren’t too many brands out there that have managed to stick to a single theme for all of their flavors which is the first thing we find unique about Pop Clouds E Liquids. We have many different premium vape juice brands to choose from, but none quite like Pop Clouds. They have created multiple delicious vape juices that are all different variations of popping rock candy. Some of their flavor profiles include watermelon popping candy, blue raspberry popping candy, tropical punch popping candy, orange crush popping candy, strawberry cotton candy, and many more. They are based out of sunny Southern California and have proven they know what they are doing when it comes to producing top selling e cig juice. Each one of their flavors are genuine and taste just like they are profiled to. There may be other brands that have tried to make popping rock candy themed e juices, but Pop Clouds E Liquid is by far the best tasting and most genuine. All of their creations are spot on in regards to flavor and have a phenomenally smooth throat hit. They come in 30ML bottles in 0MG, 3MG, and 6Mg nicotine levels. Don’t wait until they are sold out to try and buy some. Get it now while they are still popping!

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