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Plum Vape Juice

Even among the very delicious world of stone fruits, plum has a unique flavor that really stands out. Maybe that’s why plum trees were some of the first plants domesticated by humans. In fact, some of the most common cultivars of plum have been found only near where people have settled – not in the wild. The plum offers a unique combination of sweet and sour notes; biting through the very tart skin reveals a flesh that’s soft, sweet and juicy. The plum also travels well – thanks to the waxy coating on the skin – which might be one of the reasons why people decided to cultivate it in the first place. Plum vape juice isn’t nearly as common as it deserves to be, but we think it’s likely that you’ll begin seeing more plum e-liquids as the vape juice makers of the world continue to expand their horizons and explore new flavor possibilities.

What Does Plum Vape Juice Taste Like?

It’s possible that one of the reasons why plum isn’t a common flavor for vape juice is because the flavor is so hard to capture. Plum isn’t just sweet, and it isn’t exactly a sweet-and-sour blend, either. Plum has a certain extra something, and that “something” is the slightly astringent tannins that you taste when you bite through the skin. A plum vape juice doesn’t have to capture the flavor of tannins to taste like an authentic plum, but that certainly helps with the authenticity. We hope that the vape juice makers of the world will keep that in mind as they continue to develop new plum-based flavor profiles.

What Vape Juice Flavor Notes Pair Well With Plum?

At the moment, plum vape jucies are sadly rare in the vaping landscape. There are certain flavor profiles, however, that we believe would likely work very well with plum. This list includes one flavor profile that you’ll definitely find with plum and one flavor profile in which we think plum would work very well.

  • Plum tastes delicious when it’s used with other fruits – particularly other stone fruits such as peach and apricot. The slightly tart flavor of plum is also great for offsetting the very sweet flavors of certain tropical fruits.
  • Plum would also be delicious in an e-liquid with a dessert flavor profile. The flavor of plum is strong enough to stand up to the powerful flavors of baking spices such as allspice, nutmeg, clove and cinnamon. Add a bit of custard, and you’ll have yourself a dessert vape juice for the ages.

What Are the Most Popular Plum Vape Juices?

At this time, we carry just one plum e-liquid here at Here’s hoping that the vape juice makers of the world will expand their use of this very delicious flavor soon.

Mr. Miyagi by Alpha Vape

While Mr. Miyagi by Alpha Vape may be the only plum vape juice that we carry at the moment, let’s all be thankful that it’s a shining example of flavor composition. This vape juice is a 50/50 mix of papaya and plum flavors. As far as we know, Alpha Vape is the only vape juice brand on the market that has paired papaya with plum, and it’s an idea that’s absolutely perfect. Papaya is an incredibly popular tropical fruit, and it’s so sweet that it practically begs to be combined with something that has a little complexity. That’s why many people squeeze a little lemon or lime over papaya when eating it. Well, you won’t find many fruits more complex than plum, and we think that the slightly tannic bite of plum makes it the perfect counterpoint for the papaya note in this e-liquid.

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