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Overloaded E Liquid is one of those brands that we are extremely excited about. You should be too! This is one of the most exclusive brands that we are currently carrying, and you should definitely check them out!

Loaded E Liquid has created a line of e liquids exclusively for our distributor Vape Wholesale Supply! So unless you are getting your juices from them directly, or us, odds are you are not going to get your hands on a bottle of this incredible vape liquid!

If you are familiar with the vape industry, then you should know how big a deal it is to have Loaded E Liquid create a line for your company! These guys have been industry powerhouses since vaping way a thing!

This brand is all about the custard flavors, as we have been introduced to three incredible flavors from these guys. The first of which is Vanilla Custard. Because let’s be honest when it comes to anything, vanilla is almost always the best flavor right!

Second of which is Blueberry Custard, which is nothing short of pine. The way the bold and tart blueberry compliment the smooth custard flavor is something you need to see for yourself!

The third is the Banana Custard. This e juice is sure to be your next all day vape for sure because it seems like banana and custard go together like peanut butter and jelly! At least that is how we feel about it!

Grab a 120ML bottles of any Overloaded E Liquid product in industry standard nicotine levels and enjoy!

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