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Vape true original flavor and style with a bottle of e liquid from The Originals.

What is The Originals?

SaveUrVape is a brand that recently began dominating the market after years of innovation and progress behind the curtains. Now SaveUrVape is out here decimating the competition with their signature collections of premium grade vape juice blends that are focused on both flavor and quality. Known for producing some of the most renowned and popular e liquid collections to ever grace the vaping industry such as SVRF and The Standard Vape, SaveUrVape remains one of the top competitors of this scene.

Where can I buy The Originals vape juice flavors?

Recently SaveUrVape developed a new series of premium e juices that fall under the umbrella of a new brand called The Originals. The Originals is supposed to bring classic flavor profiles to life with a unique and timeless solution that will have nostalgia pouring out of your mouth. The Originals menu is currently only comprised of one single flavor: Red Rocks, which we carry here at in a 60ml unicorn style squeeze bottle with nicotine concentration choices of 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg depending on your needs.

What do e liquid flavors from The Originals taste like?

The Red Rocks flavor profile is designed to communicate the taste of a sweet and chewy red gummy candy flavored with sun-ripened strawberries. The inhale will bring a rushing strawberry sweetness across your tongue. The exhale delivers a more candied strawberry flavor with a soothing strawberry aroma. Even the aftertaste will make you think you’ve just eaten a bag of chewy strawberry gummy candies. 

Is The Originals a high quality collection of e juice?

SaveUrVape is a premium manufacturer who only uses the finest grade ingredients to produce The Originals as well as their other products. Each batch is crafted by professional mixologists in an ISO-certified medical grade clean room environment to avoid contamination. You can rest easy knowing each bottle of The Originals was prepared under strict safety guidelines by the best, using the best.

Some of you have been searching every nook and cranny to find your perfect all day vape flavor but hopefully you can stop looking now and start enjoying by scoring a bottle of Red Rocks from The Originals and treat your taste buds to some of the most exquisite e liquids on the planet.

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