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Okami Brand

Okami Brand is the trend setter of the vaping industry with not only its bottle designs and flavor profiles but also with their fancy apparel.

Founded in 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada, Okami Brand in Japanese means “great spirit”. In the very beginning Okami Brand e juice flavors could be found in local vape shops across Sin City and their product catalogue consisted of only a few flavors.

In today’s world, not only can you find Okami Brand flavors in vape shops across the world, but they have also established themselves in the apparel industry as well. Flavors such as Lychee Lauren and Dolce & Guava are some customer favorites here at Vape Juice

Okami Brand has also released several successful flavor lines such as Bubble Gang and more notably Rockt Punch. Sour Menace from Bubble Gang and Island Ice Cannon from Rockt Punch both together have received more positive reviews over the internet than anyone could count. Flavor profiles such as sour apple bubblegum have been perfected by the mixologists over at Okami Brand which is why some of their vape juices are considered to be some of the best tasting e liquids in the world.

Okami Brand has taken some of their most popular products and manufactured them in a nicotine salt version so vape pod MTL users can enjoy flavors such as OG Bubba and Melon Milk in a higher nicotine concentration.

All in all, Okami Brand nowadays is a well diverse company that successfully has their hands in a bunch of different baskets, but at their core, they still make some of the most enjoyable e juice.

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