Nitecore Battery Chargers

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Nitecore is an awesome brand of chargers that have been with us since day one. They offer tons of different types of chargers that have many have many different features and capabilities. We carry 2bay and 4bay chargers that can carry a large range of batteries beyond the standard 18650 battery. The D4 Charger by Nitecore has a giant LED screen on it that allows you to monitor your batteries charging progress, and also adjust the charging modes. All of their chargers come with necessary safety features such as over-charge, over-current, reverse polarity, and overheat protection. They are made of flame resistant and fire retardant materials so they will not catch fire or melt. Nitecore offers a large selection of chargers to choose from, and they all keep your batteries charged and safe. If you are a in need of a new charger, pick up something by Nitecore, you will not be unhappy about it.

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