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Get ready, fruit lovers, because we are about to bring you something so incredible you will never forget it!
From the creators of Air Factory E Liquid comes a premium vape juice brand called Mix E Liquid! These guys have created a masterpiece in Air Factory and they have brought over that same incredible spot on flavor into this new e liquid collection.
Mix E Liquid is filled with only all day vapes. The flavors in this collection are filled with different fruit themes that will have you salivating for more and more with each vape!
Just like Air Factory, Mix E Liquid was made by vapers for vapers. This ensures that you are getting high-quality vape juice with premium flavor no matter what.
So far, Mix E Liquid has three incredible flavors and hopefully, more will be released in the near future!
The flavors are Blemon, Purp Berry, and Nectar Berry. Let’s take a closer look at the different e liquids in this collection and find the best one for you!
Blemon has the incredibly tart yet slightly sweet flavor profile of blue raspberry and juicy lemons! Get ready to smile uncontrollably with this e juice!
Purp Berry has the flavor profile of purple grapes, and ripe red strawberries blended together to create a mouthwatering experience!
Last but certainly not least, Nectar Berry is filled with the juicy flavors of nectarines, sweet strawberries, and Fuji Apples! Talk about a mouth full of flavor!
Do not miss out on this incredible new vape juice collection, Mix E Liquid! This is going to be one of the best new vape juice brands, just wait and see!
Vape Juice carries Mix E Liquid in 100ML bottles with nicotine level options of 0MG, 3MG, and 6MG.

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