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The Twist E Liquids brand is one that cropped up just a few short years ago and in such a short span of time has flourished as one of the quickest growing and most beloved new collections of premium grade e liquids to grace the vaping community. Now Twist E Liquids is back at it with the delectable e juices, consistently releasing new flavor profiles and brands such as today’s topic, the Mango Twist series. Mango Twist is currently only a one flavor brand but with the success and delight that comes with this initial flavor we are sure to see more soon. 

The Mango Twist menu contains the Mango Cream Dream recipe that delivers 120ml of seductive vape juice in two individual 60ml bottles that we carry here at VapeJuice.com in nicotine concentration levels of 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg to suit the many needs of the vaping industry.

Mango Cream Dream captures a delectable fusion of ripe and creamy mangoes partnered with a sweet and seductive vanilla flavor. The inhale brings a tropical burst of smooth mangoes across your tongue. From the exhale comes a more silky vanilla tinged river of creaminess that soothes your mouth while a soft mango scent fills your nose. Even the aftertaste that sits in your mouth after a large exhale provides a delightful fusion of vanilla and mango notes. 

Twist E Liquids utilizes some of the highest-tier ingredients available to produce the Mango Twist series and every bottle is manufactured in an ISO-certified facility that is sterile and contaminant free where professional mixologists follow specific industry wide safety guidelines to ensure a premium grade product.

When you are in need of something unique and can’t seem to find the perfect vape juice that will sate your thirst for both creamy and fruity, Mango Twist is sure to have the ultimate treat for you.