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Macaron Vape Juice

The macaron – sometimes called a French macaroon in the United States – is a classic French treat that dates back more than 1,000 years. Today’s typical macaron usually consists of two rounded cookies with a soft filling in the middle. Pastry chefs around the world have used that basic recipe as a base on which to build creative confections in every flavor – and every color – that you can possibly imagine. Enjoying a macaron vape juice is experiencing one of the world’s most refined culinary pleasures in vapor form.

What Does Macaron Vape Juice Taste Like?

An interesting thing about the macaron is that, although it’s been around for more than a millennium, it wasn’t originally served in its present sandwich form. That phenomenon began about 90 years ago; before then, macarons were served as plain cookies.

The cookie portion of the macaron is made from three primary ingredients: egg whites, almond paste and sugar. You should definitely taste those three notes when vaping a macaron vape juice – particularly the almond. You just won’t get that classic macaron flavor if you can’t taste the almond. Beyond that, though, it’s up to the creativity of the e-liquid’s maker.

What Vape Juice Flavor Notes Pair Well With Macaron?

A great macaron e-liquid should, at minimum, contain egg white and almond as two dominant flavor notes. In a modern pastry shop, though, you’ll rarely find macarons served as plain cookies – there’s almost always a sweet filling. From basic fruit macarons to ones that taste like birthday cake, you can find almost every conceivable flavor profile at a great pastry shop – and it’s possible to recreate all of those flavor profiles in a macaron vape juice. These are some of the flavors that work best in a macaron e-liquid.

  • Fruit flavors – particularly berry notes – always work well with almonds and egg whites. Fruits such as strawberry, raspberry, blackberry and blueberry are some of the most common flavors that you’ll taste in macaron vape juice.
  • If you’re going to add a creamy filling to something, the filling might as well be custard, right? That’s especially appropriate if you happen to be making actual macarons. If you’re going to go through the trouble of separating a bunch of eggs, you ought to find something worthwhile to do with the yolks – and nothing in the world is more worthwhile than custard.
  • Cream is also a very common flavor note in macaron vape juice. That’s because whipped cream is the perfect base for just about any flavoring. Just whip up some cream, fold in the flavor of your choice and stuff a macaron with it!

What Are the Most Popular Macaron Vape Juices?

Strawberry Macaroon by Dinner Lady

Though the brand has only been around for a few years, Dinner Lady has quickly risen to the top of the vape juice world with their delicious – and always dazzlingly creative – dessert e-liquids. Strawberry Macaroon by Dinner Lady is a clever take on the macaron flavor profile because it combines the signature flavor of the French macaron – almond – with coconut. Coconut, as you might know, is the base flavor of the treat that Americans call the “macaroon” – which has nothing to do with the French macaron. Are you confused yet? Well, that’ll fade after one puff of this delicious vape juice. This e-liquid combines luscious coconut and seductive sweet almond with just enough a browned flour note to bind the flavor profile together and give you that authentic cookie flavor. Combine those flavors with notes of juicy strawberry and silky cream, and you’ve got a dessert vape juice fit for royalty.

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