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Satisfy your need for the best pod vape e liquids around with Lung Hit Salts.

What is Lung Hit?

Lung Hit is a brand spanking new series of premium grade vape juice blends developed by the same people behind such popular brands as Vape Cocktails, and is here to reshape your perception of quality e juices. Lung Hit came to our attention very recently as they began to be highly demanded by customers around the globe looking to satisfy their need for something unique and luxurious while saving money. Lung Hit allows you to do just that with big bottles packed with even bigger flavor.

What are nicotine salt e liquids?

Now as the vaping culture shifts with the usage of low-wattage, refillable pod vaping devices, more and more vapers are looking for nicotine salt e juices to shake up their rotation of flavors. Nicotine salt flavors utilize a more concentrated dose of salt nicotine, a more naturally found form of nicotine which allows for easier consumption to avoid harsh throat hits when utilizing the amounts that these flavors tend to carry. This new wave of vaping has inspired Lung Hit to create the Lung Hit Salts collection of premium grade nicotine salt e juices.

Where can I buy Lung Hit Salts flavors?

Lung Hit Salts contains four delightful recipes: Primal Punch, Slush Slammer, Frozen Fist, and Berry Banger, all of which come packaged in 30ml squeeze bottles with nicotine concentration choices of 35mg and 50mg available here at These flavors are only designed to be used with low-wattage, refillable pod vaping systems as vaping them with a sub-ohm device will lead to discomfort and can have negative side effects.

What do Lung Hit Salts taste like?

Primal Punch is a delightful treat of passion fruit and sugary hard candy packed together for a sweet and exotic flavor. Slush Slammer is a tropical mix of guava, mangoes, and papaya with a burst of icy menthol to cool your mouth off. Frozen Fist is a classic pairing of seductive strawberries fused with crisp honeydew melons and iced to perfection with a blast of chilling menthol. Berry Banger is a distinct flavor profile that combines fresh blackberries with a rich and creamy almond milk for a delectable dessert treat.

If you are ready to elevate your pod vaping experience to the next level then it is definitely time for you to browse the Lung Hit Salts menu to find your next all day vape.

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