LG Batteries and Bundles

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LG...Yep, the same brand that makes cell phones. LG is a brand that has been around quite some time. It's no secret that LG knows how to make and utilize technology. They make some of the best smartphones in the game, and now they have shifted focus to vape batteries. Thats right! As of now we carry a few different type of LG batteries.Their most popular. Batteries play an important role in vaping, they are the life source The LG HE4 is a 35Amp 2500mah that comes wrapped in yellow battery plastic. The LG H2 is a 3000 Mah battery. Both batteries are 18650 and haba long It is no secret that LG is a world famous and reputable electronics company. That being said that these batteries are of high quality and will work great in your vape, grab a pair today and let it rip.

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