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Kangertech is Chinese hardware brand that have been around since the beginning. They were one of the first major hardware brands that Vape Juice stocked our shelves with. They products are durable, functional, and long lasting. They make a wide variety of products that range from mods, tanks, cartomizers, atomizers,and other accessories.They were one of the first to use the “self-dripping” mod technology with the creation of the Drip Box 60W. By squeezing the plastic tubing at the bottom of the mod it eliminated the process of having to continuous re-drip your cottons. Kangertech also put together multiple starter kits which incl includes both mods and a tanks all in one. , Kangertech makes tons of cartomizers which were the original  blueprint for the present day atomizer. Kangertech makes a plenty of sub ohm tanks such as Sub Tank and the Sub Tank plus. Both of these tanks deliver a giant hit full of flavor and luscious clouds. We offer a large variety of Kangertech coils for you to choose from. Browse through our selection Kangertech products and find something that fits your liking.

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