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Joyetech is the epitome of an O.G. vape company. They have been around since the very beginning. They developed and created some of the original vape structures that have become standard and  are used among all brands today. They came to life in 2007 and since then have been pushing the boundaries of technology in the vape industry. They were the first to create the Tank system and the Changeable system and successfully applied them to their products. Joyetech creates easy to use products that deliver powerful hits that consists of epic flavor and strong cloud production. Dedicated to excellence, Joyetech dedicates a lot of time and money into research and development to create superior hardware that is durable, long lasting, and functional. They continually impress us with their new products and have became a household name in the vape industry. Don't waste anymore time searching for the right mod, tank, or coil, Joyetech has everything you need and we here at Vape Juice are here to deliver it to you. Enjoy!

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