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Indulgence is a hardware brand that is a branch of Shenzhen Unicig Technology Co. They created the legendary Mutation RDA that was one of our most top selling pieces of equipment thus far. They high quality better resistance wire for all their atomizers which have a longer lifespan than regular ones. It is small features like this that give Indulgence a great reputation from China to the USA. We carried the original Mutation X atomizer and have since stocked our shelves with every version since then. We currently carry the V5 in stock and it has sold like crazy. Indulgence has had a major impact on the vape industry and will continue to do so in the future. We here at Vape Juice are stoked to carry Indulgence products for all of our beloved customers. If you are looking for a new RDA we highly suggest you choose Indulgence, we personally use their equipment on our mods and could not be happier with their performance.

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