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If you love vaping like we love vaping, then you will love the I Love Milkman series.

What is I Love Milkman?

Being great at something is a wonderful skill to possess, but they say strength in numbers can achieve almost anything. This is where our next brand of the day comes in as it was the brainchild of two of the biggest and most successful manufacturers of premium grade vape juice in the world. I Love Milkman, a fusion collection from Mad Hatter Juice and The Milkman, both individually two powerhouses of finesse and quality that have achieved symbiosis with their new offspring.

Where can I purchase I Love Milkman vape juice flavors?

I Love Milkman is currently only a one flavor release developed by the two gargantuan manufacturers. The Mango Milk blend from I Love Milkman comes in a 60ml bottle that we carry here at VapeJuice.com in nicotine concentration levels of 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. 

What do I Love Milkman e liquids taste like?

The Mango Milk mix from I Love Milkman contains a unique fusion of creamy milk and ripe mangoes for a tropical beverage treat. The inhale will provide a stunning burst of creamy tones layered underneath a bright mango flavor. Through the exhale comes a more distinct mango and milk fusion that lifts a soft mango aroma up through your nose. Even the aftertaste that continues to linger on in your mouth brings to mind a thick mango milk drink as if you were sipping some on a beach in some secluded part of the world.

Are I Love Milkman e juices premium quality?

I Love Milkman being a combination of two premiere brands of e liquids means only the highest grade of ingredients are used to produce Mango Milk. Each bottle is produced by professionals in an industry standard ISO-certified facility to ensure a sterile and contaminant free product.

If you think your taste buds are ready for the sheer exhilaration that comes from vaping on some Mango Milk, then dive into the I Love Milkman menu and treat your tongue one of the greatest vape juice collaborations of all time.

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