HCigar Box Mods

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HCigar Technology Co is a premium hardware brand based out of Shenzhen Guangdong, China. From their conception in 2011, they have produced some awesome pieces of equipment that changed the way we vape. They are one of the only brands that received certifications such as ISO9001, RoHS, CE, UL, FCC etc by keeping strict inspection and quality control over all of their products. They have released multiple mods that carry the DNA chipset which allows them function at such a high caliber. From Hong Kong to the USA, HCigar is sold in more than 40 countries. Their VT series have become a top selling mod line and we have had to continuously re-stock our shelves due to high demand. If you are looking for a top quality mod made from only durable and long lasting materials, then we highly recommend you go with HCigar. We are elated to carry HCigar hardware here at Vape Juice. Browse through our growing inventory of their product and find a mod that fits your liking. We are confident you will be satisfied with your purchase. Enjoy!

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