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Hazelnut Vape Juice

Among the foods that you’ll typically find in an assortment of mixed nuts, the hazelnut is unique. It’s a little sweeter than the rest, and it has a uniquely toasty flavor that continues to linger on the tongue. Hazelnut’s unique taste has made it popular as a cold-pressed finishing oil for food. It’s also popular in salad dressings. You won’t find another flavor quite like hazelnut, and the world’s e-liquid makers have attempted to capture some of that unique taste in the form of hazelnut vape juice.

What Does Hazelnut Vape Juice Taste Like?

There are quite a few e-liquids in the world with nutty flavors, but only a few of those e-liquids claim to capture the flavor of hazelnut. So, what separates the hazelnut vape juice from the e-liquids with flavors like almond and peanut? Well, peanut e-liquids taste like peanut butter, so that difference is pretty obvious. We’d have to say that the thing separating hazelnut from other nutty flavors is that one-of-a-kind lingering sweetness. You don’t get that from anything but hazelnut, and that’s the flavor that makes hazelnut vape juice stand out.

What Vape Juice Flavor Notes Pair Well With Hazelnut?

Like other nut flavors, hazelnut is quite versatile and pairs very well with almost any sweet flavor profile. There are a few types of flavors, however, in which e-liquid makers are particularly likely to use hazelnut.

  • Like most nuts, hazelnut always tastes great in a dessert. In e-liquid, you might find a note of hazelnut in a vape juice that tastes like a pecan pie. Some popular breakfasts are also almost like desserts. There’s at least one e-liquid that uses a note of toasted hazelnut as a topping for a waffle flavor.
  • Hazelnut is also great as a topping for dairy-based foods like ice cream and yogurt. Nutty flavors always seem to bring out the best in dairy products, and that benefit still comes through even when the dairy flavor in question actually comes from vape juice.
  • The final common use for hazelnut in vape juice is to highlight the nutty notes in other flavors. Coffee and tobacco, for example, are two flavors with a good amount of inherent nuttiness. Adding a bit of hazelnut flavor brings out those nutty notes and enhances the natural complexity of those flavor profiles.

What Are the Most Popular Hazelnut Vape Juices?

The flavor of hazelnut isn’t nearly as common in e-liquid as we think it ought to be. Nothing tastes quite like hazelnut, and we think that it deserves greater prominence in the vape juice world. Until that happens, though, we’ll have to get by with what we have. It’s a good thing that these e-liquids are so tasty! These are our customers’ favorite hazelnut e-liquids.

Uninuts by BLVK Unicorn

If you can’t bring yourself to eat an ice cream sundae unless it’s covered in crunchy nuts, Uninuts by BLVK Unicorn is going to be right up your alley. There are plenty of ice cream e-liquids in the world, of course, but there are very few with nutty notes – and even fewer with hazelnut. With a combination of creamy flavors and the seductive scent of vanilla, vape juice makers have always done a great job of crafting ice cream e-liquids. This one, though, stands apart as something that’s quite different from the rest. Uninuts begins with a terrific vanilla ice cream base, of course, but it finishes with the flavor of toasted hazelnuts and almonds. It’s like one of those ice cream sundaes where you get at least one nut in every bite, and there’s nothing else to muddle the flavor. It’s pure ice cream and nuts, all the time.

Hazel by The Milkman

E-liquids with complex flavor profiles are always plenty of fun. It’s nice to kick back and relax with a vape juice that tastes a little different depending on the setting, your mood and whatever else affects your sense of taste. Sometimes, though, what you really want is something a bit more straightforward – something with just a couple of flavor notes that never get old and never become boring. Hazel by The Milkman is one of those vape juices. Imagine taking a bottle of rich hazelnut syrup – the kind that you might use to flavor an Italian soda or a high-end milkshake – and drizzling some over a glass of your favorite milk. That’s it! Hazel by The Milkman is hazelnut milk, and it has all of the qualities you’d want in an all-day vape.

Nancey’s New Nightmare by Director’s Cut

If there’s one thing we know about nuts, it’s that they’re always great with caramel. That’s why desserts like pecan pie are so popular; the caramel highlights the natural sweetness of the nuts. The nuts, meanwhile, bring out the complex and slightly bitter notes in the caramel. It’s a match made in heaven, and that’s one reason why Nancey’s New Nightmare by Director’s Cut is such a tasty vape juice. This is an e-liquid that uses the flavor of waffles as a base, but that doesn’t mean it’s a traditional breakfast vape juice. Quite the contrary; this e-liquid presents the flavor of a thick Belgian waffle topped with a handful of toasted hazelnuts and pecans. Caramel sauce takes maple syrup’s traditional place, elevating this e-liquid's flavor profile from “breakfast” to “decadent dessert.”

Comb the Desert by The Schwartz

Have you ever made a parfait using yogurt instead of ice cream? With the right touches, yogurt can be anything from a light snack to a delicious after-dinner treat, and Comb the Desert by The Schwartz is definitely a vape juice that takes the second of those two paths. This vape juice is a yogurt parfait that alternates between layers of creamy strained yogurt and toasted hazelnuts mixed with peanut butter. Vaping this juice, you definitely get the experience of eating a layered parfait, with creamy and nutty notes intertwining across your palate. It’s a magical experience that you’ll want to repeat again and again.

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