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Grapefruit Vape Juice

Out of all of the different fruit flavors, citrus notes are some of the most difficult to capture in e-liquid form. That’s because e-liquid doesn’t always do well when it has sour notes. If you add too much sour flavor to vape juice, the vapor becomes difficult to inhale because it irritates the throat. If you don’t add enough sour flavor, the e-liquid doesn’t taste like its intended flavor profile. It’s a difficult balance to create a grapefruit vape juice, and only a few e-liquid makers do it well.

What Does Grapefruit Vape Juice Taste Like?

The thing that separates grapefruit vape juice from other citrus flavor profiles is the fact that grapefruit has a slightly bitter edge. Lemon and lime, on the other hand, are predominantly sour – while orange is much sweeter. You’ll only recognize a grapefruit vape juice as having the intended flavor profile, in other words, if it has a tiny amount of bitterness. That’s what makes grapefruit harder to capture in an e-liquid than any other citrus flavor.

What Vape Juice Flavor Notes Pair Well With Grapefruit?

As we’ve described, grapefruit is an extremely complex flavor that’s very difficult to capture in an e-liquid. It’s got to have that signature citrus flavor, and it needs to have a proper balance between sweet, sour and bitter notes. Since grapefruit so complex, it can stand on its own in a vape juice and really needs no help from other flavors. When grapefruit is paired with other notes, though, these are the most common notes that you’ll find.

  • Just like in the culinary world, grapefruit always tastes great with other fruits – especially fruits that help to bring out grapefruit’s inherent sweetness while minimizing its bitter edge. On this page, you’ll find e-liquids pairing grapefruit with stone fruits like peach and tropical notes like pineapple.
  • If you spend any time reading about the trends of the e-liquid industry, you’ve probably noticed that one of the most popular combinations right now is fruit and menthol. By adding just a bit of cooling menthol to an e-liquid, you can create an experience that’s just like eating an ice pop or drinking a delicious fruit cocktail on ice. You’ll love how well grapefruit pairs with menthol in an e-liquid.

What Are the Most Popular Grapefruit Vape Juices?

As difficult as it is to accurately capture the flavor of grapefruit in an e-liquid, there are a few companies that do it exceptionally well – and those companies have pretty much cornered the grapefruit segment of the e-liquid industry. These are our customers’ favorite grapefruit vape juices.

Red by Cravve

Here at, we love tropical e-liquids and have probably sampled hundreds of them. Tropical notes are undeniably great in vape juice form, but we’ve noticed one thing that most tropical e-liquids have in common: Many of them taste really similar to one another. Well, it’s time for a tropical vape juice that’s truly unique. Red by Cravve is a trio of tropical fruits unlike any that you’ve ever tasted before. On the inhale, you’ll taste this e-liquid’s base combination of sweet mango and tangy passion fruit. It’s during the exhale, though, that this juice’s true uniqueness comes into play. As the slightly bitter finishing note of grapefruit washes over your palate, you’ll immediately find yourself craving the next puff.

Grapefruit Peach by HMBL Juice Co.

Is there a rule somewhere saying that every fruity e-liquid needs to have a combination of three different flavor notes? Actually, the classic “trio of fruits” theme may not be the best choice if grapefruit is one of those fruits. Grapefruit is so complex that its flavor can start to become a bit muddled if you try to do too much with it. Grapefruit Peach by HMBL Juice Co. keeps things simple with a combination of two fruit notes that come through loud and clear in every puff. It’s sweet peach on the inhale and tangy grapefruit on the exhale – we can’t ask for anything more from a fruity vape juice, and we bet that you’ll feel the same.

Grapefruit by Skwezed

As we mentioned earlier, grapefruit has one of the most complex flavors in the fruit world, and it’s definitely capable of standing on its own in a vape juice. You’ll find no better example of that fact than Grapefruit by Skwezed. This e-liquid is an attempt to capture the pure, fresh and wholesome flavor of grapefruit juice in vapor form. Now, we’re not going to say that it tastes exactly like drinking a glass of real grapefruit juice – that would be impossible – but it’s remarkably close. You definitely get the slightly bitter edge of real grapefruit in this e-liquid, and that’s not something you can say about many vape juices.

Ruby Red Ice by Humble Juice Co.

If you like the Grapefruit Peach e-liquid mentioned above, Ruby Red Ice by Humble Juice Co. is an e-liquid that you must try right away. This e-liquid captures the same basic flavor profile of its predecessor – sweet peach and tart grapefruit, blended to perfection – but it finishes with a blast of menthol that’ll take you straight to the tropical beach of your dreams. We love the fruit-and-menthol trend that’s swept across the e-liquid industry over the past couple years, and Ruby Red Ice is one of the most flawless examples of that theme in action. It’s delicious.

Pineapple Grapefruit by Juice Head

We conclude our list of the best grapefruit vape juices with an e-liquid that’s probably one of the purest tropical experiences that you’ll ever have in vapor form. Pineapple Grapefruit by Juice Head blends the freshest grapefruit from the verdant orchards of the Florida coast with the sweetest, juiciest pineapples of Hawaii. The word “refreshing” doesn’t begin to describe the experience you’ll have with this vape juice. The sweetness of the pineapple hits your palate first, but it’s the tangy finishing note of grapefruit that makes this experience a truly memorable one. You’ll never forget this juice’s flawless blend of sweet and sour notes.

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